The Angry Boar is a recurring enemy in the Witch Spring games.

In the first and second games, it can also be turned into a Pet for the witches to ride on. Eirudy's Boar Doll was created by her Grandmother using the fur of an Angry Boar.

Witch SpringEdit

HP ? PWR ? DEF ?
Will become a Pet if the Mind-Control spell is used
Location Black Witch's Forest Drops
Increase AGI for 3 turns

Witch Spring 2Edit

Angry boar ws2 HP 100 STR 15 MAG 0 AGI 4
DEF 0 MDEF 0 Location Side of Kentz Mountain
Pet Yes Drops N/A
An angry Boar that lives on Mt. Kentz. Capture and ride on him to move faster and get Defense increased by (2 + 10% of overall Defense).

The Angry Boar is fought in a storyline event in Chapter 1 and captured by Luna after its defeat. It is one of two storyline-acquired pets, the other being Black Joe. It will be the fastest mount Luna acquires unless she acquires Lucca starting in Chapter 4 or beyond.

Witch Spring 3Edit