Balt in elysion plains ws2

Luna in front of Balt (Elysion Plains, WS2)

Balt (also spelled Balk) is the Forest Spirit in Vavelia and is a boss in both Witch Spring and Witch Spring 2. He was sent by Elysion to stop warriors from entering the Black Witch's Forest, where Pieberry was raised to keep her safe from humans.

In Witch Spring 2, Luna will not be able to enter the Forest until Chapter 3, after Pieberry is implied to have either visited Elysion Temple or defeated him herself (which moves Balt to Elysion Plains, where Luna can battle him).

Witch Spring Edit

Balt ws1 HP 1200 PWR 115 DEF 20
Will become a Pet if the Mind-Control spell is used
Location Black Witch Forest, Elysion Plains Drops Green Elemental Bead
Forest soul who lives in black witch forest. It wakes up when approach, so the warriors doesn't goes to the forest. Improper to be a pet.

Approaching Balk for the first time will unlock the achievement "Forest Spirit, Balt". Pieberry will likely lack the stats to beat him at this point, and will have to take the side route to get around.

Balk can only be defeated once and will drop the Green Elemental Bead. Doing so will unlock the achievement "Throwing Out Balk". It is also possible to acquire the Elemental Bead without fighting him by approaching him in Elysion Plains during post-game, but you naturally will not unlock the "Throwing Out Balk" achievement as a result.

Witch Spring 2 Edit

Balt ws2 HP 2400 STR 62 MAG 0 AGI 5
DEF 25 MDEF 25 Location Elysion Plains
Pet No Drops Green Elemental Bead
The spirit of the forest that watches the entrance to the Black Witch's Forest.

Luna will not fight Balt in the Black Witch's Forest, and will only fight him after he moves to Elysion Plains. Unlike the previous game, Balt can be defeated multiple times and farmed for the Green Elemental Bead.