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Black Joe is a Nuuk (under Elysion's ugly-bird spell) that serves as Pieberry's guardian in Witch Spring and Witch Spring 2. In spite of that, he is only useable as a pet in the second game; in the first game, he follows Pieberry around but cannot do anything outside of plot cutscenes.


Black Joe is proud of his strength as a Golden Nuuk; however, thanks to Elysion's ugly-bird spell, he is powerless unless he gets knocked unconscious and reverts to his Nuuk form. The other Nuuks in Witch Spring 2 make fun of him for his previous high-and-mighty behavior because of this.

While Black Joe tends to bicker with Pieberry, and gets used as her punching bag as a result, he still cares about her well-being. He attempts to foil her journey to the Springs to hide truth about her heritage and keep her from danger, and attacks Crown when he knocks Pieberry unconscious at Elysion's Temple.


Witch SpringEdit

Black Joe is a mandatory enemy once in the game, at the very beginning. If you go to Durok Temple, you will eventually fight him a second time in a plot-related event, but is possible to never go to Durok Temple, and thus never reach the point where you must fight him a second time.

Despite being Pieberry's guardian, he has no abilities in the first game outside of plot-related events.

Witch Spring 2Edit

HP 50 STR 5 MAG 12 AGI 50
DEF 0 MDEF 0 Location N/A
Pet Yes Drops {{{drops}}}
A borrowed pet from Pieberry. Pieberry's servant who can talk. Can only be summoned in specific locations. In battles, it takes the enemy's blow instead of its owner and passes out. (If it is a range attack, it diverts the enemy's attention and reduces the damage inflicted to owner by 50%.) The third time it passes out, it turns back into Gold Nuuk, which is its original form.

While Black Joe is never fought in Witch Spring 2, he is now usable as a pet that can be lent to Luna.

There are two ways to acquire Black Joe: the first is by beating Pieberry in an event race in Chapter 4 (requires Lucca to win). Even if you lose, however, he will automatically join at the end of Chapter 4. He can summoned in most areas, but there are some exceptions: Icy Plains, at any point after getting imprisoned in Chapter 5, in Temar's Room (post-game), and possibly in the Mind Room (post-game).

Black Joe is among the strongest pets in the game by virtue of his damage negation/reduction. When coupled with the Ice Hammer, whose freezing effect slows down the enemy, Luna can take minimal damage from powerful opponents as Black Joe will reawaken to take the blow before they can get their next hit in.


  • According to Elysion in the "A Peaceful Day" ending in Witch Spring, she can't permanently remove Black Joe's ugly-bird spell because she has forgotten what he looked like without it. On top of that, both she and Pieberry like his ugly bird form, so they've kept him like that even after the war.