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Some time before the main Witch Spring plot, Elysion traveled to Nuuk Plains, where Black Joe resided; there, he was known as the strongest Nuuk. Elysion wanted a guardian animal, but Black Joe refused and fought her. He lost, however, and was forced to become her guardian.

Shortly before the war, Black Joe appears at Luna's house to pick up the toddler Pieberry (then known by her true name, Lucia), who had wandered away from home and was being shown around Vavelia Village by Aramute. Aramute mistook Black Joe for a monster before Black Joe clarified that he was under Elysion's ugly bird spell so he wouldn't scare the villagers with his true form.

After the start of the Spring War, Black Joe was ordered by Elysion to take Pieberry away, and she then blocked the path to Pieberry's house with Balt. Black Joe did not stay with Pieberry, but instead watched over her from afar.

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