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Developer Interview, January 17, 2020

The following is an amateur translation of the official Tap Developer's Interview held by Kiwi Walks on January 17, 2020.

Original version (Chinese): https://www.tap.io/topic/86935

Hello, everyone! We've previously held Q&A sessions on Tap.io and TapTap to reply to players' questions and comments. We're happy to be able to interact with fans in this manner!

Related links: https://www.tap.io/topic/T6394 (Collecting Q&A questions)

The following interview was organized by some Tap editors.

  • 1 Question 1: Hello, can you briefly introduce Kiwi Walks to us?
  • 2 Question 2: Can you tell us a bit more about Witch Spring 4?
  • 3 Question 3: Shortly after Witch Spring 2 & 3's release, you gave teasers for the next game. Will you be doing that again?
  • 4 Question 4: A lot…

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DQueenie13 DQueenie13 11 November 2019

Production Notes: Witch Spring 4's Training System

Rather belated translation of https://cafe.naver.com/witchspring/33613, posted in July.

The first part of the post was related to the second teaser trailer, which I'll skip translating.

This is the planned direction for WS4's training system.

1. Simpler and clearer growth directions.

We've cut down the number of exercises down to 6, merging and simplifying some previously-ambiguous effects and making each exercise more worthwhile.

Bonus stats during training have been added to make it more fun. For example, when Libro provokes her, if Moccamori manages to overpower him, she gains bonus stats.

...Sometimes it fails, though. Having a higher Training Efficiency percentage yields a greater chance at getting bonus stats.

2. Balancing training and expl…

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DQueenie13 DQueenie13 4 October 2019

Production Notes: Witch Spring 4's New Art Style

Translating [Production Notes] Witch Spring 4's New Fairy Tale-Like Art Style ([제작노트] 마녀의 샘4 새로운 스타일의 동화풍 일러스트) from Kiwi Walks' official Witch Spring Naver blog post.

Original post: https://cafe.naver.com/witchspring/33849

Today, we're showing off Witch Spring 4's new art style.
This new aesthetic makes use of pencil-like strokes to create a fairy-tale-like atmosphere.
We hope you like it!

This new art style you see was actually largely established earlier this year.
Our artists have been working hard together to create a cohesive style for the game.

(Good! sticker)

After a lot of toil and trouble, we've finally settled on a direction we're satisfied with.

(Duck with hearts sticker)

Doesn't it bring out Moccamori's personality and the game's fairy-ta…

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DQueenie13 DQueenie13 7 September 2019

Production Notes: Witch Spring 4's Battle System

Translating [Production Notes] Witch Spring 4's Battle System ([제작노트] 마녀의 샘4 전투 시스템 소개) from Kiwi Walks' official Witch Spring Naver blog post.

Original post: https://cafe.naver.com/witchspring/33742

Disclaimer: I am not fluent in Korean—in fact, I don't speak a single word of it. I've been using Google Translate and Yandex to aid me with translation, but nonetheless, this isn't a one-to-one translation. It should, at least, should convey the general sense of what was written.

Hi everyone! :) Creator Suyoung here.
We'll be showing some of our development in September, and today's update will showcase WS4's battle system.

  • 1 Moccamori's Weapons - Concept Art
  • 2 Claw Attacks
  • 3 Magic Claws
  • 4 Attack Elements
  • 5 Magic
  • 6 Moccamori's Subordinates
  • 7 Moccamori's Magical Awake…

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DQueenie13 DQueenie13 13 July 2019

WS4 Second Trailer Analysis

Analyzing the second trailer so I can compare my current observations to the released game.

  • 1 Characters
  • 2 Combat
  • 3 World
  • 4 Training
  • 5 Graphics

Aside from Moccamori, we get a name for her butler (Libro), as well as glimpses of three other characters. One is Ethan, a "hero" who gets in Moccamori's way. Calling it now, the "route split" for WS4 will be choosing between Libro and Ethan as Mocca's boyfriend. /s

Ethan is obviously well-versed in combat, shown by his armor, his easy disarmament of the soldiers, and casually threatening Mocca. Libro, the soldiers, and the Big Guy to the right are alarmed by the last part, but Mocca and the other girl with a similar ponytail don't seem shocked at all. Wonder how Mocca will get out of this situation: defeating …

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DQueenie13 DQueenie13 9 June 2018

Witch Spring 2: Pets Tier List

Note: Work in progress. Wikia doesn't have drafts for this stuff even though it should.

My ranking for Pets is purely based on my own experiences playing WS2 with medium grinding, but I'll do my best to explain my rankings. (I'm also working off memory, so some things may shift around if I get around to playing again.)

Note that this is an overall ranking based on their utility (for me). As Pets are not all available at the same time, some Pets lower in the tiers may be better at the time they're acquired since they don't have any competition.

Best Tier
Black Joe
High Tier
Pink Eison/Eison
Angry/Captain Boar
Tia Reese
Zirconia Jr.
Mid Tier
Gray/Blue Wolf
Low Tier
Bad Rabbit
Black Lio…

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DQueenie13 DQueenie13 28 October 2017

5 Hours into Witch Spring 3

I bought the game as soon as I was able to earlier today, and I definitely don't regret it. $5 for a game of this quality? Heck yeah. Just logging my game progress here for self-reference when I work on Wiki articles. Can't remember everything, after all.

Not sure how far into Chapter 2 I am, but I've already clocked 5 hours into the game. Granted, I did spent around an hour or so being lost when I was trying to figure out what to do to get to Adrian's dinner party. Ended up grinding up quite a bit and defeating monsters I probably wasn't yet meant to defeat, and getting spoiler hints I wasn't meant to get. Well, if it was really meant to be a secret, the story would've locked me out. Which it didn't, so I guess it's all fair.

However, even wi…

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