Blue is Sofia's pet bird, which she will lend to Luna should Luna save her in the Western Sea in an event that can be acquired starting in Chapter 2. Blue only appears in Witch Spring 2.

If you have Blue, after the final battle, Blue reports to Sofia about the situation in Vavelia Village, prompting her to fire a round of long-range artillery at Jude.


Blue ws2 HP 200 STR 30 MAG 850 AGI 0
DEF 0 MDEF 0 Location Manil Island (Western Sea)
Pet Yes Drops N/A
Blue bird that is said to be kept as pets by ancient gods. Restores 17% HP and 20% MP after owner's each turn.


Blue has a similar effect to the other Cat pets in the game, with its ability to restore HP and MP after Luna's turn. While Blue restores after Luna's turn rather than before, as with the Cats, it restores more than any of the Cats. Furthermore, the only Cat pet you can acquire before Blue is the Black Cat, who is available from Chapter 1. As a result, if you acquire Blue in Chapter 2, there is little reason to acquire the other Cats aside from completionism.

Blue is one of the best pets for regular combat; so long as Luna is properly trained, Blue will heal back any damage she sustains from enemy attacks and will replenish her MP relatively quickly.

With the lack of a time limit, it is fully possible to train Luna, enter easy battles with Blue to replenish her HP and MP, then go back to training instead of using HP and MP-restoring items. After entering a one battle with Blue as your pet, subsequent battles with Blue will have Blue activate its ability first, so you can just heal up, retreat, and repeat.