The Bolbat is an enemy only seen in Witch Spring 2 located in Kreytes Forest. After Luna defeats it, it will be turned into a pet.

It is among the stronger early-game pets due to its ability to heal Luna's HP equal to the damage it deals, which itself is based on her MAG and STR. However, it does not scale well into later stages of the game as its damage and healing cap is a mere 125 points.


Bolbat ws2 HP 120 STR 22 MAG 0 AGI 30
DEF 0 MDEF 0 Location Kreytes Forest
Pet Yes Drops N/A
A bat that lives in Kreytes forest. It's very fast and hard to catch. As a pet, it will suck blood from the enemy after its owner's attack, and restores owner's HP as much as the amount of damage given to the enemy (up to 125 points). Damage it gives to the enemy depends on the owner's Magic Power and Strength.