Caldaria Cave is a location in Derkarr, lying beneath Mt. Caldaria. From Mt Caldaria, the cave can be entered from the upper-left side of the map. There is also a connection in Caldaria Cave to the Northern Misty Forest in the cave's bottom right-hand corner, across from the Lavalord. However, this exit will be blocked off until partway through Chapter 2.


  • Mini Molef (x3)
  • Lavarock
  • Molef
  • Basalt Golem
  • Lavalord


  • Maegrik Egg - Can be used to craft a Maegrik Blade, or consumed for +40 MAG

This ingredient is found in the area behind Lavalord. After defeating Lavalord, cross the lava by summoning Birdrock, then walking through.