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The continent of Derkarr (called Des Lecarr in Witch Spring 2) is the setting of Witch Spring 3 and is northwest of the continent of Vavelia. It, Vavelia, and another continent called Ürphea are all ruled by the same king, who lives in Vavelia. As a result, Derkarr comes under the influence of Vavelian figures like the Pope.


A long time ago, there were three deities who lived in Derkarr: Revgato, Marii, and Morell. They created their Springs, and humans created villages in their Springs' domains: Shubeth for the Spring of Revgato, the Village of Lehert for the Spring of Morell, and the Village of Ziv for the Spring of Marii.

However, either because of the Spring War or another event in the past, the three deities disappeared from Derkarr and abandoned their springs. As a result, the Springs of Marii and Morell have dried up, and the lands around them have slowly withered out and died. The villages in their domain have suffered greatly with famine and poverty without the deities' power to sustain the land. However, in this time of crisis, Shubeth Village, which remains prosperous, refuses to aid the other countries and forces them to pay large tribute for aid.

Compounding their worries, the Ancient Dragons that would only stay in Dragon Valley have started raiding the villages without cause. Only Regal, the Lord of Shubeth, is capable of handling them—yet he will not aid the villages without an ulterior motive.


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