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Witch Spring 3Edit

Eileen is first mentioned by Lukas, when he talks about himself to Eirudy. However, almost immediately afterwards, he receives a letter with a red ribbon and no message, signalling she was in distress. Lukas and Eirudy go to her house in the Forest of Marii, but cannot find any trace of her until Failur signals that she is inside the spring itself.

The two jump into the spring and find her there. Marii introduces himself as the Lord of the spring, the bodiless soul, and explains that Eileen is his descendant. Because of that, the Forest has returned to life, and the strong magic in Eileen's body means that if she is sacrificed, the whole region would flourish once more.

Lukas shouts in protest, saying that while they weren't siblings by blood, he promised to be her real brother, and had plans to visit Vavelia after the witch hunts ended. Marii decides to honor Lukas' determination and ceases absorbing Eileen. As a half-blooded deity, Eileen's memory between arriving at the forest and waking up inside the spring were erased, and so Marii sends all three deities out of the spring as to avoid absorbing them by accident.