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Eirudy has a total of 6 outfits, though only 5 can be unlocked per playthrough (2 are route-dependent). Of them, 3 are post-game only, which is also locked to the Light and True Paths.

During the main story, Eirudy cannot freely change her outfit; however, she will change her clothing at certain parts of the story. The option is made available during post-game.

White Battledress[edit | edit source]

Eirudy stat screen.png

A white robe made to be worn while in hiding in the depth of Misty Forest.

Eirudy's original outfit, worn in the first three chapters of the game. Depending on which version of Chapter 4 you went down, she will change into either the Temple Lord's Dress (Tri-Caliber) or the Crow Dress (Dark Path). On Dark Path, if you end up going on the True Path, Eirudy will switch back to the White Battledress.

Although the Light/True Paths' endings and CGs are the same story-wise, the CGs differ to reflect the outfit Eirudy wears.

Temple Lord's Dress[edit | edit source]

Screenshot 2017-10-29-07-33-06.png

The dress for a future to-be temple lord, received from Morell.

This outfit is only obtained by going down Chapter 4: Tri-Caliber; there is no other way to obtain it, even in the True Path.

Crow Dress[edit | edit source]


This outfit is obtained by going down Chapter 4: Dark Path. Even if you go down the True Path in the end, where Eirudy switches back to the White Battledress, you'll still receive the Crow Dress in post-game.

Pinerame[edit | edit source]

Eirudy - Pinerame stat screen.png

Sofia's formal dress for swordsmanship events.

Pinerame is one of the post-game outfits, obtained by traveling to Mahnil Island with Judith. Approach King Rafaelo and Sofia, and in the ensuing cutscene Sofia will decide to give Eirudy the dress.

Pinerame also has the unique distinction of being the only outfit to synchronize with another equip—Great Sword Esteras, a weapon obtained from another post-game event (that, in fact, needs Pinerame worn as one of the event triggers). Wearing Pinerame while wielding Esteras will unlock its weapon skill, Double Croche.

Little White Dress[edit | edit source]

Eirudy - Little White Dress stat screen.png

The dress Eirudy worn when she was first born. When worn, Eirudy will turn back into her original appearance momentarily.

Another post-game outfit, obtained after clearing Lize's events and picking up the outfit from Grandmother's House. As its flavor text notes, this outfit shows Eirudy in her original, more traditional-deity-like form.

Lalafan[edit | edit source]

Eirudy - Lalafan stat screen.png

Casual dress that Adrian gave Eirudy. It was made and imported from the village of Lalaque from the continent of Vavelia.

The third post-game outfit, it is given to Eirudy during the Pieberry and Justice event when Adrian gives her the House Gifted from Adrian.

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