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So far, Eirudy has only appeared in one Witch Spring game, as the main character of Witch Spring 3. In this game, she has three possible storyline routes, depending on the choices you make.

Witch Spring 3Edit

At the beginning of the story, Eirudy is known as the Nameless Witch. She pours her vitality into a small doll, hoping it will speak; while it is capable of making noise and conveying emotion, it cannot speak like a person. For that, she names it Failur, as it is a failure to her. She then gathers more Vitality to awaken Little Emilia and decides to chase down the Wild Boar she attacked for its Vitality, this time for its meat. When she confronts it, she attempts to attack it again, only for it to dodge. She ends up landing on top of a human boy, who was hiding in the bushes.

He reveals himself to be a human boy named Adrian, and after she doesn't give him her name, he mistakes her as a member of a country that doesn't use personal names. Naming her Eirudy, after her red eyes, he goes on to explain that he is searching for the Stone of Life. When she claims that no such stone exists, he is adamant that it does, for he needs it to reawaken his comatose mother. He then departs in search of the stone, while Eirudy heads home.

After returning home, she finds that her rabbit doll guarding her door has disappeared. Failur turns her attention to the western forest, the direction that the magic in her doll emanates from. Her search leads her to the Boar Hideout, and she reclaims her doll. Venturing a bit further west, she finds a pond and is about to drink from it when Adrian stops her. He points out the viper in the water, though she thinks to herself that it wouldn't have affected her. The two end up fighting off two angry boars together before Adrian runs off again, still in search of the Stone of Life. Eirudy is concerned that he isn't strong enough to face them.