The humans are a race in the world of Witch Spring that share the traits of real-life humans. Unlike the deities, they are incapable of using magic and have relied on the deities for their miracles and blessings.

For a long time, they worshiped the deities. However, slowly, they began to lust to have the deities' powers for themselves. One day, the Pope learned the truth behind the deities' Springs, and began the Spring War to wrestle control over them from the Temple Lords. With that also came the witch hunts, an effort to hunt down and capture all the deities on the lands of Vavelia, Derkarr, and Ürphea.

Many humans chose to turn against the deities, either for power, out of fear, or in order to survive. Some resisted the Pope's decree, however, though they were few in number and kept their beliefs hidden away.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Most humans in the Witch Spring universe are fair-skinned, typically with either blonde or brown hair.

Humans who receive large quantities of a deity's power will gain the deity's markings. Libro, for example, has Agamo's markings (the same ones Moccamori and Cecilia have) due to absorbing too much magical power when Moccamori saved his life.

Notable Humans[edit | edit source]

Vavelia[edit | edit source]

Derkarr[edit | edit source]

Urphea[edit | edit source]

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