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In VaveliaEdit


For a long while, Jude was Aramute's secretary, and Aramute gave Jude a portion of his powers. However, Jude began conspiring against Aramute, hoping to take his powers for himself. Unbeknownst to Jude, Aramute was already well aware of it, and even told Jude to "start what he had planned," as it had all been accounted for by Vavelia's deities in order to serve as a lesson for the humans.


Though the two only interact at the end of the game if you clear Ludina's side-story, it is revealed that the two knew each other in the past. Jude attempts to recruit Ludina to his side as fellow half-Deities, but she refuses. She also reveals that he had a crush on her, though she has always believed him to be ugly. It seems they dated for a brief while before Ludina broke up with him.

In DerkarrEdit

Monnet and the Ancient DragonsEdit

Because Jude betrayed the Ancient Dragons by stealing their Nest and putting under Regal's control, the Ancient Dragons despise him as well as the deities, since Jude's actions were made possible by being granted Aramute's powers as a deity. With them, he was no longer bound to the Nest and thus had little to lose with his betrayal. Because of this incident, the Ancient Dragons will fight Eirudy if she gets near them due to her status as a deity.

The Ancient Dragon in the western Lehert Desert is in fact Jude's father, as he bemoans how his son had been led astray by the deities before he attacks Eirudy.

In the post-game of Witch Spring 3, it is revealed that Jude is also Monnet's father, and he conceived her with a human woman. In spite of this, or because of it, Monnet harbors deep hatred towards him. She expresses an intent to kill him and keep his head bowed to their Nest when Eirudy asks her about the Ancient Dragon attacks in the Light or True paths. Even though her plan for revenge never comes to fruition due to the Vavelian deities destroying Jude's existence, she seems to accept it and takes Regal's life as compensation for everything Regal has done.