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Aslan and Lightning Bell converse in Witch Spring

Lighting Bell (spelled Lightningbell in WS1) is a boss in Witch Spring and will automatically join Pieberry after being defeated. He is Lord Aimhard's Guardian and is fought in Aimhard Temple.

He is unobtainable in Witch Spring 2, though he can be seen in the Black Witch's House during the main story and is returned to his regular location in Aimhard Temple during the after story.


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Lightning Bell inside the Black Witch's House in WS2

Like Aslan, Lightning Bell initially doubts Pieberry's abilities and challenges her to a fight to test her. If Aslan is equipped as Pieberry's Pet, the two have a conversation where Aslan speaks for Pieberry's abilities, but Lightning Bell doesn't believe him.

Luna identifies him as Aimhard's Guardian when she visits Pieberry's house, though she bemusedly notes that he's now just a lamp for his temporary master.


Witch SpringEdit

HP ? PWR ? DEF ?
Will become a Pet if the Mind-Control spell is used
Location Aimhard Temple Drops -
Guarding spirit in Aimhard's temple. When using in the battle, it uses 30% of MP which constructs defense and lessens 50% damage for 3 times. Lights the dark path.


  • In Witch Spring, Lightning Bell is needed to access dark areas.
    • (Editor DQ note: He allegedly doesn't need to be used after the first time you enter, but Pieberry continued to refuse to enter for me if I didn't have him equipped. Will have to check again. Possible bug?)