Lightnoceros is an enemy in Witch Spring 3. It is the only enemy found in Northern Dragon Valley, though it is not a dragon itself.

{{{image}}} HP 28900 MAG 0 STR 100 AGI 15
DEF 200 MDEF 350 Location {{{location}}}
Amount of Vitality absorbed by the Soul Stone. Amount varies depending on currently-unknown factors.
{{{vitality}}} Drops {{{drops}}}
A large rhinoceros. Its horn acts as a lightning rod so it gets hit by lightning all its life. Its horn can store enormous amount of electric energy, and as Lightnoceros grows, electric energy will gradually increase to cover and flow over its skin. However, it often ends up eaten by Ancient Dragons while the electric current is still weak. In battles, its first electric discharge gives the greatest damage and its power gradually decreases over time.


  • Lightnoceros Horn
    • Used to craft: Brilliant Crystal
    • Sells for:
  • +500~1430 Vitality