Lucca (translated in the original Witch Spring as Luca) is an enemy in Witch Spring that can be made into a pet.

It reappears in Witch Spring 2, where it can also be made Luna's pet. However, Lucca cannot be found as an enemy; the only Lucca seen has already been made Pieberry's pet. In order to be acquired, it has to be stolen from her.

In both games, Lucca is the fastest of all the pets, and only pet that will allow Pieberry or Luna to win against the other in their respective games.


Witch SpringEdit

HP 700 PWR 65 DEF 0
Will become a Pet if the Mind-Control spell is used
Location Elysion Plains Drops Nothing?
Couldn't fly but very speedy in running among all the pets. Can avoid most of the attacks by it's speed. The Agility twicely-highs up continuously in battle.
Lucca WS1 locations

Lucca's location

Lucca is located in Elysion Plains, which is opened after defeating Justice for the third time (after reviving Aimhard's Spring). It notably has very high Agility, allowing it to even quadruple-attack Pieberry if her Agility is too low.

At 25 Agility, Pieberry will be fast enough to only get double-attacked by Lucca and can land her attacks. It is not recommended to fight Lucca before getting this much Agility, since missing attacks will be a waste of her MP (if you use a spell).

With Lucca set as your pet, Pieberry's Agility is doubled, and she will travel quickly in the field. (This doesn't actually affect the amount of time she spends outside, though.)

Witch Spring 2Edit

HP 800 STR 65 MAG 0 AGI 60
DEF 0 MDEF 0 Location Black Witch's House
Pet Yes Drops N/A
Dragon without wings. The fastest among all the pets you can ride on. In battles, it will be your turn twice as faster.

In the second game, Pieberry has already caught it (as of Chapter 4). Luna, if you click on the Lucca enough, decides to place her own mind-control spell over it to make it into her pet and effectively steals it.

Using Lucca in Pieberry's race in Chapter 4 is also the only way to obtain Black Joe as a pet before their special event at the end of the chapter, where he will automatically join Luna's roster of pets.