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Ludina is a supporting character in Witch Spring 2 first mentioned briefly by Panda Kum. Her side event, Meeting Ludina, is completely optional.

For most of the game, she is known by her epithet, the Ice Witch—the first half-blooded deity to become a Temple Lord... and whose term came to a violent and tragic end after destroying her village at Icy Field.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ludina shares many physical similarities to her daughter, such as the shape of the sides of her bangs, her golden eyes, and the red markings under her eyes. She wears a revealing, long ice blue dress

Personality[edit | edit source]

As Ludina destroyed the Icy Fields village by her own hands, she consider herself a grave sinner for killing countless lives. As such, she was worried that she can never be forgiven since the ones who can forgive her were dead. Luna then proceeded to forgive her and tell her to stop feeling guilty about herself. After that, Ludina told Luna that she need time to prepare herself before she comes out.

When she faces Jude, she shows a cockier, more sarcastic side to herself. She touches on some sort of past they had together, states that she never actually had an interest in him to begin with, and then mocks him for being unaware of the Temple Lords' revival before they intervene in the fight.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Not many of Ludina's abilities are shown directly, but it is clear that she excels at Ice magic. She is also shown to use teleportation magic on multiple figures at once, able to teleport both herself and Aeris over to Vavelia Village upon sensing Jude's rampage.

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