The Maegrik Dragons are a type of dragon in the Witch Spring series. They are first named in Witch Spring 3, where one can also be fought as a special enemy.

Durok's guardian animal, Temar, is a Maegrik Dragon and the only one capable of speech seen thus far, so it is unknown whether all Maegrik Dragons are capable of speech or if Temar is a special case due to being a guardian animal.

Witch Spring 3Edit

Maegrik Dragons can be fought by using Dragon Meat from Eirudy's inventory in Southern Dragon Valley. As indicated by the description for Dragon Meat, this will attract a Maegrik Dragon to come and attack her for it.

HP 121,500 MAG  ? STR  ? AGI  ?
DEF  ? MDEF  ? Location Soul Cave Entrance
Amount of Vitality absorbed by the Soul Stone. Amount varies depending on currently-unknown factors.
540 Drops Dragon Meat (3–30, high chance), Brilliant Crystal (low chance)

Because of the special conditions required to encounter it, it is treated as an event enemy and thus does not appear in the Battle Encyclopedia.