The Marionette House is Eirudy's home and her base of operations. It has two main floors, the main area on ground level and the doll storage room downstairs.

Main FloorEdit

There are a variety of functions available to the player on the main floor.

The center magic circle allows you to check Eirudy's stats, access the training regimen, or teleport to another magic circle. Behind the magic circle is the cauldron, which she uses to craft items and spells. Items can be used from the chest at the lower right-hand corner of the room, while spells are equipped in the magic book at the back wall.

On the left-hand wall is Eirudy's bed, which she can sleep on to recover her HP and MP, as well as her journal for saving or loading progress.

Doll StorageEdit

For more information about the dolls, see: Witch Spring 3/Dolls

As the name indicates, Eirudy keeps her dolls in this room. Nearly all her dolls are already located in the room at the start of the room, with four exceptions: Prototype Warrie, Desert Fox Cub, Vahnter, and Bernick.

Here, Eirudy can inject Vitality into her dolls to awaken them or make them more powerful.

Basement DoorEdit

  • The locked basement door.
  • Bernick in the Dark Marionette Chamber

In the back of the room, there is a door with a visible passageway that leads somewhere. However, if you approach it, it will say that Eirudy needs the key for the door.

Eirudy can only acquire said key in Chapter 4 of the Dark or True paths. After Eirudy decides not to trust humans, her Grandmother gives her the basement key, stating that her failed doll would be strong enough to protect her. Afterwards, Eirudy can access the basement to acquire Bernick.

In the Light path, Bernick will never be available, as Grandmother will direct Eirudy to acquire Vahnter instead.


  • In order to craft sleeping bags or a Dryad Staff, one of the items is Cloth. If you check the details for Cloth, it says that it is found in the Marionette House. It actually is automatically acquired with the passage of time, so it naturally accumulates until you hit 30 pieces of cloth, after which you will not gain any more until you use some up.