The Misty Cave is a location in Derkarr. It is connected to the southwest side of the Western Misty Forest, and leads to the Wild Boar Habitat that connects to South Shubeth Road.

There is a large opening in Misty Cave, from which light particles float up. At the beginning of the game, nothing happens with it. During the "Underground Misty Cave" event in Chapter 1, however, you will be able to descend to Underground Misty Cave. Even further into the depths of the Misty Cave is the Ice Cave.


Name Type Drops Notes
Big Lizard Normal Big Lizard Tail Drops 54 Vitality
Fog Golem Normal Magic Slab Drops 30 Vitality
Dempest Normal Dempseed Drops 130 Vitality


The amount of ingredients you can get from all spawn points. Totals may vary.
Bonus stats or abilities granted upon use, if any
Sparkling Yellow Stone Powder ×6 6 -
Lizard Tail ×4 4 Recovers 20 MP


Trace of the Wild Boar (Chapter 1)
Follow the Wild Boar's footsteps to the northwestern end of the Misty Cave. The cutscene where Eirudy meets Adrian will play.

The Missing Rabbit (Chapter 1)
In search of the missing rabbit doll, enter Misty Cave. Go back to the area where Eirudy met Adrian and approach the bush. Eirudy will notice a breeze coming from it, and a prompt will appear asking you to decide whether to enter the breeze or not. Doing so opens the path to the Wild Boar Habitat.

Underground Misty Cave (Chapter 1)
Approach the area with light particles floating up. There is now a rope that leads further into the cave. Descend the rope.