The Misty Forest is the area immediately outside of the Marionette House. It leads to the Western Misty Forest to the left, and the Eastern Misty Forest to the right.


Name Source Ingredient Consumable Equip
Mistyleaf Glowing Spot


Name Type Drops Notes
Velita Event - Only in Chapter 4: Dark Path.
Jake the Warrior Event - Only in Chapter 4: Dark Path.


Chapter 1: Marionette WitchEdit

  • Tutorial to go to Western Misty Forest
  • Find the missing item (the rabbit doll normally outside of the Marionette House)

Chapter 4: Dark PathEdit

  • Velita's attack on the Marionette House
  • Jake the Warrior's attack


  • In the tutorial, if you attempt to head into the Eastern Misty Forest, you will get a dialogue box that says "You need to head west."
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