ItemSprite Mistyleaf.png

Moist leaf which can be found in the Misty Forest.

Mistyleaf is a recovery item and crafting ingredient in Witch Spring 3.

Obtain[edit | edit source]

Uses[edit | edit source]

Use Amount
Consume (Recovers 120 MP) 1
Sell (30 Gold) 1
Craft Healing MC, ItemSprite Snail Soup.pngSnail Soup, ItemSprite Tail Soup.pngTail Soup 1
Craft ItemSprite Red Potion.pngRed Potion, ItemSprite Shining Mistyleaf.pngShining Mistyleaf 2
Craft 25pxLightweight Acorn, ItemSprite Mistyleaf Bunch.pngMistyleaf Bunch 3
Craft Normal Focus MC 5
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