Mullet, also called Mulette, is a monster that appears in both Witch Spring 2 and Witch Spring 3. In the second game, it can only be fought once in post-game. In the third, however, it is a respawning monster located in the Coastal Cave.

Witch Spring 2Edit

HP 153000 STR 455 MAG 0 AGI 80
DEF 180 MDEF 220 Location Ruth's Falls (post-game)
Pet No Drops {{{drops}}}
A gigantic sea monster that lives deep down under the Ruts Falls. Mulette's sharp teeth and horns afflict strong random damage to the enemy. Has scales that were hardened in deep water for a long time.

Known as Mulette, it can only be fought in Ruth's Falls once in post-game. It drops one of its scales when it is defeated, which can be sold for 105,200 Gold.

Witch Spring 3Edit

{{{image}}} HP 12150 MAG 0 STR 122 AGI 30
DEF 50 MDEF 50 Location {{{location}}}
Amount of Vitality absorbed by the Soul Stone. Amount varies depending on currently-unknown factors.
{{{vitality}}} Drops {{{drops}}}
A sea monster living in the deep sea.


  • Mullet Scale

You can encounter Mullet starting in Chapter 2. Instead of heading up towards Shubeth Village from North Lehert-reed, head south to the Lehert Desert. Go to the south-east side of the map, which takes you to the empty Derkarr East Shore. From there, there is a path to the Coastal Cave, where you can fight Mullet.

The Mullet Scale is needed for the "Mullet Scale Coat" optional side-objective. It can also be used to craft the Grace of Sand Armor item (raises Defense by 10%).