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Regal is the main antagonist of Witch Spring 3. He is the lord of Shubeth, the husband of Esther, and father of Adrian. He is the enforcer of the witch hunts in Derkarr and rules over Shubeth with an iron fist.

As the Spring of Revgato is the only spring in Derkarr that has not dried up, Shubeth is the only area in Derkarr that has not turned into a desert. However, he refuses to aid the other villages and instead forces them to pay heavy taxes for any sort of support.




Regal is quite powerful for a human, boasting extremely skilled swordplay and strength. He also holds a reputation for being able to defeat an Ancient Dragon on his own, which is part of his intimidation tactic against the other villages.

However, that is later shown to be a fluke; the heroes deduce that no matter how able he is, there is no way Regal would be able to defeat the Ancient Dragons with a regular human being's power. His strength comes from a mixture of abusing Dark Magic Stones, and his possession of the Dragon's Nest which allows him to force the Ancient Dragons to do his bidding.