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Sofia is a supporting character in Witch Spring 2 and an ally of Luna's. Her subplot is optional, starting from Chapter 2, and so it's possible to never encounter her. Luna saves her from a Nessie while traveling the Western Sea, and Sofia invites her to Manil Island afterwards, where she resides. There, she reveals the truth behind her situation and lends her pet bird, Blue, to Luna to aid her and serve as a line of communication.

She is briefly mentioned in the "Judith" sidequest in Witch Spring 3, but does not make an appearance until the game's after story. She bequeaths the Pinerame dress to Eirudy if Eirudy visits her on Manil Island, and can later bestow Sword Esteras to her after forcing Eirudy and Justice to fight to prove Eirudy's worthiness

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sofia has light blonde hair wrapped in a large bun on top of her head, and blue eyes that match her dress. Her dress is adorned with frills that denote her royal status.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sofia, as princess of Vavelia, is a bit spoiled and easily gets things her way. As a result, she is quickly frustrated when people like Luna don't immediately follow her orders. She forces Justice and Eirudy to duel to test Eirudy's worthiness to wield Sword Esteras in spite of Justice's protests and knowing that Eirudy was the savior of Derkarr.

In spite of that, she truly has the people of Vavelia in her heart. When Luna meets her, Sofia has been exiled because she spoke out against the Pope's actions. She reveals that she still respects the Deities, and gives Luna her pet bird, Blue, to protect Luna and serve as a line of communication. After Luna saves Vavelia, Sofia personally awards Luna for her efforts.

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