This article is about Eirudy's item in WS3. For the Soul Stone in WS4, see Soul Stone (Agamo).

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Eirudy's Soul Stone is a major item in Witch Spring 3. It collects Vitality gained by defeating monsters, which is then primarily used to upgrade Dolls.

Eirudy starts with a Level 1 Soul Stone, which can be upgraded starting in Chapter 2. The number of Soul Stone levels depends on the version of Chapter 4 you take.

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Obtaining Vitality[edit | edit source]

Vitality (VIT) is gained from enemies with life force. Enemies like golems, which are artificial constructs, will not grant any Vitality. While certain enemies have no innate Vitality, after a certain Soul Stone upgrade (currently unknown which), it becomes possible to gain Vitality after doing battle with them.

This is because Soul Stone upgrades grant a flat Vitality boost, up to double the regular amount with a Red Soul Stone. Exact bonuses are still under investigation.

Lv Bonus
1 +0
2 +?
3 +?
4 +?
5 +30
Red x2

The Red Soul Stone's boost is applied to the base, with the original Soul Stone's bonus added to it. For example, if you have a Red Soul Stone and a Lv. 5 Soul Stone, Misty Forest Dryad's base 255 VIT would be raised to 540 VIT (255 * 2 + 30).

After completing a game and starting a new file, the maximum VIT bonus will be carried over, although the Soul Stone level will not change.

Enemies defeated by dolls will not grant any VIT. Furthermore, defeating multiple enemies at once only rewards VIT for the last enemy defeated, not the total amount.

Soul Stone Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Lv Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 VIT Held
1 - - - 50
2 Soul Stone ItemSprite Dark Magic Stone.pngDark Magic Stone ×3 Misty Forest Spring ×1 200
3 Soul Stone lv. 2 ItemSprite Dark Magic Stone.pngDark Magic Stone ×5 Misty Forest Spring ×2 700
4 Soul Stone lv. 3 ItemSprite Big Dark Magic Stone.pngBig Dark Magic Stone ×1 Misty Forest Spring ×5 1400
5 Soul Stone lv. 4 ItemSprite Big Dark Magic Stone.pngBig Dark Magic Stone ×3 Misty Forest Spring ×10 2200
Red* Soul Debris ×100 - - 3000
Blue* Dark Magic Stone ×1 Soul Debris ×20 - -

* Only craftable in the Dark/True paths.

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Awakening and upgrading dolls.
  • Recovering HP in combat. (Requires Level 2 or higher.)
    • Using the soul stone to recover HP will deplete all VIT inside it. If the soul stone is at maximum VIT capacity, it will fully recover Eirudy's HP.
    • If Eirudy's HP drops to 0 while she has full VIT, the soul stone will automatically be used to revive her.
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