South Shubeth Road is a location in Derkarr that can be explored in Witch Spring 3. It can be first accessed during "The Missing Rabbit" event in Chapter 1, but cannot be fully explored until after the "Underground Misty Cave" event in the same chapter. Normally, there are no enemies here, and only Spring Water as an ingredient.

It connects to four different locations: the Wild Boar Habitat, the Spring of Revgato, Shubeth Road, and the Base of the Shubethian Red Assassins (beyond the closed gate, see Notes on how to access it).


Name Type Drops Notes
Angry Boar(?) Event (Chapter 1)  ?


The amount of ingredients you can get from all spawn points. Totals may vary.
Bonus stats or abilities granted upon use, if any
Spring Water ×1 10 - Gives more Spring Water than Wild Boar Habitat


"The Missing Rabbit"
After the cutscene where Eirudy defeats the Wild Boar, she will express an interest in exploring further. Continue out the left entrance of the Wild Boar Habitat to enter South Shubeth Road. Going up to the spring will start a cutscene that leads to a battle with Adrian against two Wild Boars. Afterwards, Adrian runs back towards the Misty Cave, and Eirudy will not proceed any further into South Shubeth Road for fear of soldiers.

"Underground Misty Cave"
After Eirudy defeats Raymond and collapses in the Root of the Spring of Revgato, she awakens next to Adrian at the Spring of Revgato. He will run north to South Shubeth Road, so have Eirudy follow him. She sees him dragged off by soldiers north, so follow them again into Shubeth Road. There, she will encounter Hector. After conversing with him, she is free to explore the area.


  • When you approach the gate, it will state that the gate is locked tight, and there is a human-shaped device next to the gate. In order to unlock it, defeat a Red Assassin located on Shubeth Road to acquire the Mask of the Shubethian Red Assassins. With the mask in your inventory, walk back up to the gate. It will automatically unlock and grant access to the Base of the Shubethian Red Assassins.