The Springs are an important existence in the world of Witch Spring. They sustain life on the continents they are found on, and are strongly connected to the deities.

In VaveliaEdit

As a part of someone's machinations, a rumor spread among the humans that the deities were actually drawing their powers from the Springs; thus, with the proper abilities, humans would be able to use the Springs as well. The Pope, having become greedy and power-hungry after years of authority getting to him, decided to wrestle control of the Springs from the deities and began the Spring War.

However, even after the humans finally managed to kill the five Temple Lords and take the Springs for themselves, they couldn't figure out how to draw out its power, and most of the Springs fell dormant.

Around ten years after the Spring War, two deities end up reviving the five Springs; as it turns out, due to the immortality of full-blooded deities, none of the Temple Lords were truly killed. They instead lived inside their Springs, waiting to regather their powers with the help of the two deities they had forseen as the saviors of Vavelia.

It is also revealed that deities do not get their power from the Springs; rather, Springs gain their power from the deities, who put their magic into it and then withdraw magic as they need. Because of this, it was mistaken for the deities needing the Spring's power when it was really the other way around.

In DerkarrEdit

The deities in Derkarr seem to have abandoned the continent long before the Spring War, as the villages of Lehert and Ziv are in far worse condition than any of the villages in Vavelia. The Springs of Marii and Morell are completely dry, and Shubeth is concerned about their own Spring even though it is still active.

When Eirudy travels to the Forest of Marii, she finds that it has begun returning to life. She finds out that it has returned to life because of Eileen's presence, as she is Marii's descendant and thus their magic can resonate with each other.