Teleportation Magic Circles are space movement magic usable by deities. They are present in all three Witch Spring games, allowing the characters to travel around quickly. All teleportation magic circles are activated by approaching them, which then prompts you to either pick another location to move to, or to exit out of the menu.

Aside from approaching a teleportation circle, a deity can also use teleportation magic to return home from any location, even without a teleportation circle nearby. Deities can choose which place to set as their home, thereby evading capture should their original location be compromised.

It is possible to interrupt someone's teleportation by knocking them out of the beam of light that would teleport them home. So far, this has only been seen when Eirudy attacks Filia to take back the pendant Adrian gave her. Filia then complains that even the Warriors won't attack a teleporting deity; this may be because they are temporarily blinded by the light or because they don't know that disrupting teleportation is possible.

Witch SpringEdit

Witch Spring 2Edit

While the game is set in Vavelia like the first game, Luna has access to a couple more places than Pieberry does (as Witch Spring 2 has more locations than the first game in general).

  • Luna and Robin's Hideout (Luna's home for Chapter 1)
  • Arua Temple
  • Aimhard Temple
  • Ice Witch's House (set as Luna's home from Chapter 2 on)
  • Elysion Temple
  • Black Witch's House (same place as Pieberry's Room)
  • Durok Temple
  • Pope's Castle

The following locations are only made accessible in the after story:

Witch Spring 3Edit

In addition to these locations, there are smaller green magic circles near the main teleportation circles that were created by the ancient deities to enter the Roots of their springs. Eirudy can only use these teleportation circles on the Light Path after finishing "The Temple of Morell" main story event.