Vavelia continent

Vavelia's world map, as seen in Witch Spring 2

The Vavelia continent is the setting of Witch Spring and Witch Spring 2. Along with the continents of Derkarr (northwest of Vavelia) and Ürphea (possibly southwest of Vavelia), it is ruled by the King of Vavelia.

In the past, deities and humans alike lived on the continent, and the deities bestowed their blessings and miracles upon the land. However, the humans became greedy for the deities' powers and initiated the Spring War to take control of the Springs, which they believed to be the source of the deities' powers.

At the start of the war, there were five Temple Lords in charge of Vavelia's five Springs: Aramute, Aimhard, Arua, Durok, and Elysion. However, they all perished during the Spring War after their strongest guardian animal, Temar, disappeared for a period of time. All the temples build around their springs fell into disrepair save for Aramute's Temple, which was converted into the Pope's Castle, while the springs themselves lost their power.

Vavelia has two main villages: Vavelia Village and Lalaque Village, neither of which can be accessed until post-game due to the negative perception of deities. Manil Island is where Sofia has been exiled, and the only time Luna can reach it is in the cutscene after she saves Sofia.


  • Witch Spring did not have a world map, only minimaps. Some areas were also added for the second game and did not exist at all in the first game.
  • Pieberry mentions the Village of Ellard in her "Pieberry's Reign" ending, but it is never seen or mentioned elsewhere in Witch Spring or Witch Spring 2.
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