Wardilum is a location in Derkarr, east of Lehert-reed. There are normally no enemies here, save for two events that occur in Chapter 3. There is a teleport circle here, though it cannot be used until after the second event in Wardilum. That same event reveals that Lukas has been living here under Johannes' protection.


Village of LehertEdit

En route to Lehert Village, Eirudy will find Johannes, Adrian, and the wagon driver from Lehert stuck because a Giant Desert Scorpion is blocking their path. After dispatching the Giant Scorpion, Eirudy and Adrian enter Wardilum to make sure that the path to the offering pedestal is clear. They defeat the three Desert Scorpions, and then the wagon driver arrives to place the food on the pedestal. After he and Adrian leave, Eirudy hangs behind a bit and sees the food disappear, to her shock.

The Lonely FoodEdit

  • Eirudy ambushed
  • Eirudy meets Lukas

While finding traces of other deities, Adrian has Velita report to Eirudy about the "lonely food." She realizes he means the pedestal at Wardilum, and travels there. However, she finds soldiers already there, who are frightened by a talking staff at the pedestal. Once they notice her, they panic more until Lewis arrives and traps Eirudy, forcing her to fight. After she defeats them, they pull out and Eirudy walks up to the staff. She mistakes it for a deity, but then discovers that Lukas is the actual deity behind the act. He teleports her up to the cliff he is living on, which keeps him hidden away from humans.


  • In the main game, "The Lonely Food" is the only time you can see Lukas' house.
  • There was a glitch that would allow you to use Wardilum's teleport circle before you finished the "The Lonely Food" event. However, if you teleported to Wardilum, the normal "it is sealed by someone's magic" message appeared and you could not leave the circle.
    • If you used it for "The Lonely Food" event, Eirudy will be stuck in the circle but the cutscene will play as if she had entered Wardilum through the Lehert-reed entrance. However, she will move to her proper position once combat begins.