There are a total of 65 Achievements in Witch Spring. In order to acquire an achievement, its requirement must be completed within the 100 days; anything acquired in post-game (if you reach it) will not count towards your achievements.

There are 28 main story achievements that are automatically acquired as you follow the main story. The remaining 37 are optional achievements. Completing the events for some achievements are necessary for acquiring certain endings.

Main Story AchievementsEdit

Name Requirement Reward Description
Beginning of Today Start game 500 XP Today is the day synthesizing flame magic! I just need to find two dried leaf under the tree and blue sand particles on the beach!
Making a Flame Magic Make flame magic 500 XP My first united-attack-magic have succeeded! I should try it to the monster living in East Pudding Cave!
Getting a Mind-Control Magic Defeat Alfredo the first time 500 XP Should I make a pet by using mental-control magic? These days the wild pig were walking around...!
Alfredo's Obsess Defeat Alfredo the first time 500 XP I met the warrior Alfredo, and he wasn't anything. I think he is chasing me. I also felt somebodies presence from Pudding Cave. Is it just a feeling?
Getting The First Pet Use mind-control magic on the Wild Pig 500 XP I couldn't go across damp area down my house because it felt awkward. Will it be okay to ride a wild pig?
The First Meeting with Black Joe Meet Black Joe 500 XP I made an ugly black bird as a pet. The name is Black Joe! Where should I use this ugly black bird...?
Cross the Sea Cross the ocean with Black Joe the first time 500 XP Black Joe dropped me in the ocean... I will get him!!
Regathered Black Joe Find Black Joe on South Island 500 XP I caught Black Joe again by coincidence!! I will disturb him forever...! But what's in the south island?
The First Meeting with Aslan Defeat Aslan at the entrance of Arua Temple 1000 XP I met a huge lion. I heard he lost his master is the guardian animal in the temple...poor thing...
Recovering the Spring of Arua Visit the Spring at Arua Temple 2000 XP I found an amazing spring in the south island and met the spring master, Arua.. He gave me power and slept back again. He said there are 5 springs and all the springs are sealed except one and when the time passes too long all the springs will get sealed forever... The next spring is in the north of the temple!
The First Meeting with Justice Defeat Justice at Aimhard Temple 1000 XP I met a gorgeous warrior and his name was Justice...? But he hated me. There weren't warriors who said that word...
Recovering the Spring of Aimhard Visit the Spring at Aimhard Temple 2000 XP Aimhard also gave me power! Hurray...!! He told me to find the next spring for the humans...I don't understand...!
Bad Dream of Pieberry Sleep after visiting Aimhard Temple 500 XP I had a nightmare...Caught by a big bird...and I keep thinking of Black Joe's word. Am I thrown away? Then am I born in the human's village? Will my parents be there...? The nearest village is Lalaque Village in the east...
Pieberry, Despised by Justice Defeat Justice in Lalaque Forest 500 XP I met Justice again. He hates me so much! I mean, everybody hates me so much!!
The New Information from Black Joe about the Third Temple Defeat Justice in Lalaque Forest 500 XP Black Joe told me the direction of the third temple for somehow. He told me there is the way in Golem Cave of Back Mountain. But I haven't seen it...! Anyway, thanks for telling me when I was very gloomy. Although the power of spring is important... I am still lonely...
Getting Big Evil-Stone Defeat the large Golem in West Golem Cave 1000 XP I caught the biggest Golem. The Dark Golem? Black Joe said this Golem was made by big Evil-Stone for the war but got uncontrolled so it was thrown away in the cave.
Pieberry's Dream See the tree in Elysion Plains 1000 XP I had a good dream. Hugging to someone I don't know...
The First Meeting with Crown Defeat Crown in Elysion Temple 1000 XP I met the greatest palace warrior, Crown. He was so strong... and was holy-tribe like me!! He said he is working as the palace warrior hiding his identity to regain the spring which Pope took.
Recovering the Spring of Eliycion Visit the Spring in Elysion Temple 2000 XP I met my mom for the first time... hugged first... and heard 'I love you' for the first time...
The New Aim of Pieberry Visit the Spring in Elysion Temple 500 XP I have to collect all of the spell-power to meet mom! the next temple is Durok temple! Let's go to the north snow field!
The First Meeting with Luna Find Luna's house in Icy Field 500 XP Huh? Was there a witch like me? It was nice seeing you, Luna! She said she was born in the human's village! And said her mother is a human~
Tip to Durok Temple Find Luna's house in Icy Field 500 XP There is a Durok temple over the iceberg... Hard to fly over iceberg by Black Joe! Luna said there is a way to ice cave in the icefield entrance! And the tip to find the ice cave is following the lights!
The First Meeting with Temar Defeat Temar at Durok Temple 1000 XP Temar...! It's my first time seeing a dragon. And it's so amazing the dragon will help whenever I call him in the battle!!!
Recovering the Spring of Durok Visit Spring in Durok Temple 2000 XP Durok doesn't talk too much. He just went to sleep right after giving spell-power!
Ambush Open the chest behind Durok's Spring 500 XP A palace warrior stayed in the Durok Temple entrance, other warrior who ambushed... Did they know I would come up?? How??
Escaping Open the chest behind Durok's Spring 1000 XP Crown opened the jail! First of all, I should find the stick and Black Joe...! I can feel Black Joe...strong...anyway, did he felt this strong...?
Getting a Information about Aramute's Spring Open the chest behind Durok's Spring 500 XP I heard there is Aramute's spring upstairs. I can see my mom after I collect all God's power in that spring!
Conspiracy of Crown Defeat Pope and Crown 2000 XP Crown was the betrayer!! He has kidnapped me to get rid of the pope! And was going to kill me... Bad guy!
Finding the Room of Aramute Defeat Pope and Crown 500 XP The building is going to collapse!! I should quickly find Aramute's room!

Optional AchievementsEdit

Name Requirement Reward Description
Brusque Merchant Ralph Talk to Ralph the first time 500 XP Ralph is a merchant who seeks only benefits and is very brusque. So I don't really like him but he is safe! Because as I bring something he needs he doesn't report to the warriors!
Ralph Request-King Pudding Press 'Ralph Request' 500 XP [Ralph Request] Ralph said to bring King Pudding. Pudding Cave is in the east side from my house!
Ralph Request-Magic-Slab-Stone Complete King Pudding request, talk to Ralph 500 XP Ralph asked for a Magic Slab-Stone. It's easy to find because the Golem who gives a Magic Slab-Stone stays in the back mountain of my house!
Ralph Request-Big Crab Shell Complete Magic-Slab-Stone request, talk to Ralph 500 XP Is the Big Crab still stays in the south island? How much will Ralph pay this time?
Ralph Request-Lava Stone Complete Big Crab Shell request, talk to Ralph 500 XP It seems that Lava Stone is hard to find? I heard it's deeep in the Golem Cave of the back mountain...
Ralph Request-Black Lion Teeth Complete Lava Stone request, talk to Ralph 500 XP How could he easily ask for warriors sword materials who is chasing to kill me...! I heard Black Lion is in Lion Plain Land.
Ralph Request-Evil Stone Complete Black Lion Teeth request, talk to Ralph 500 XP Did the pope ordered Evil-Stone? What will he do with that? Isn't that dangerous?...anyways, it will be with the dark warrior!
Ralph Request-Ice Heart Complete Evil Stone request, talk to Ralph 500 XP The old-ice-man's Heart is even freezed. He lives in the cave of the North Snow Field!
Ralph Request-Lavastein Stone Complete Ice Heart request, talk to Ralph 500 XP Why are the humans making and throwing away which is uncontrollable? Anyways, I guess the Lavastein Golem will be near Lava Golem?
Ralph Request-Jirconia Dragon's Egg Complete Lavastein Stone request, talk to Ralph 500 XP Dragon is so strong...troop of warriors can't even Jirconia Dragon's Egg in Dragonbelly?
Ralph Request-Lightening Dragon's Horn Complete Jirconia Dragon's Egg request, talk to Ralph 500 XP Do I have to catch the legendary dragon which nobody catched....?? haha... I think Lightening Dragon is in the Dragonbelly.
Ralph Request Completed-King Pudding Clear quest 500 XP King Pudding request completed! Ralph left the village to deal. He will probably come back after two days.
Ralph Request Completed-Magic-Slab-Stone Complete request 500 XP Magic Slab-Stone request completed!
Ralph Request Completed-Big Crab Shell Complete request 500 XP Big Crab Shell request completed!
Ralph Request Completed-Lava Stone Complete request 500 XP Lava Stone request completed! Can the humans use this powerful evil stone?? Where can I order these?
Ralph Request Completed-Black Lion Teeth Complete request 500 XP Black Lion Teeth request completed!
Ralph Request Completed-Evil Stone Complete request 1000 XP Evil-Stone request completed! Bad pope, he was using this by his own and prohibiting to the others.
Ralph Request Completed-Ice Heart Complete request 1000 XP Ice Heart request completed!
Ralph Request Completed-Lavastein Stone Complete request 1000 XP Lavastein Stone request completed!
Ralph Request Completed-Jirconia Dragon's Egg Complete request 1500 XP Jirconia's egg request completed...! Perhaps should I just incubate it...? Almost too lovely to sell...
Ralph Request Completed-Lightening Dragon's Horn Complete request 1500 XP Lightening Dragon's Horn request completed! Lightening was enormous...
Conspiracy of Pope Access the sewers through Pieberry's cell and go to the Pope's Laboratory 2000 XP The pope made the palace warrior into a dark warrior...! What in the earth is the Pope doing? And who was the human who talked with the pope...?
Fisherman in the South Island Complete "Ralph Request-Big Crab Shell"
Return to Arua Island
+3 Fame
1000 XP
The fisherman from the south island said holy-tribe reign was good. At that time they gave each spring to each village and made miracle. But right now, there is just one spring which pope have it, so there aren't any miracles except the capital. There are a lot of storm going on in the island where the fisherman lives... I should recover the spring as fast as I can!
Dark Warrior of Lalaque Forest Defeat the Dark Warrior in Lalaque Forest 500 XP I heard the Evil-Stone is dealing with a very expensive price underground. After the warriors found the Evil-Stone in Lalaque Forest, they went to the palace to return but one of the warrior tried to steal it, but he lost his mind right after he touched it. It seems that Evil-Stone have much powerful... but very dangerous to humans.
Forest Spirit, Balt Encounter Balt on your way up to Merchant Road 500 XP Forest spirit Balt always stays in the way up north. So I should take the side road... I tried to throw him out but he was too strong. But I am thankful because the warriors aren't coming to my house~!
Throwing Balk Out Defeat Balt before visiting Elysion Temple 1000 XP I threw Balt out! I don't have to go around when I go up~! ...But it feels like the warriors will come to my house...
The First Visit to the Temple Visit Arua Temple 1000 XP Visiting temple is my first time, but I don't feel like first... what's this?
Magic Book from Luna Talk to Luna (go up to her house) after meeting her the first time 1000 XP Luna gave me the Ice-Magic Book~ But she looks very lonely. Should I bring some foods which I like?
Where is Luna? Go to Luna's House after racing her 1500 XP Luna isn't staying at home a lot. What's happening?
Luna in the Jail Talk to Luna in her prison cell 1500 XP Luna is caught! I want to get rid of the Pope and save Luna!!
Dark Warrior Nightmare Defeat Nightmare 4500 XP Even though I got rid of Nightmare, he was so strong!! Even the holy-tribe couldn't caught him in the past... Am I that strong now? I am not scary anymore!
The Last Meeting with Alfredo Acquire all of the encounters with Alfredo 1500 XP I met Alfredo again. He stopped warrior and doing farm... Now he is grown... But are there many humans waiting for the holy-tribe era?
Something with Justice - 1 Save the child in South Lalaque Forest 1000 XP I didn't got hurt because Justice hugged me...! Very surprising and unexpected because he hated me! I guess he isn't that bad...? and also gorgeous...
Something with Justice - 2 Talk to Justice in South Lalaque Forest 2000 XP I leaned and slept over to Justice... I felt warm...and....... (chuckle)
Fast Black Joe Fail to defeat Black Joe the first time 500 XP Ugly black bird was behaving badly so I went to scold...but he evade all my attacks!! I think I could catch him by quickly attacking with wild pig! I will catch him later after I get home!

Ralph RequestEdit

All the requests are pretty straightforward. Note that after beating the main game, you cannot take any more Ralph Requests, so they must be completed within the 100 days if you want to do them all.

The Last Meeting with AlfredoEdit


  • Outside of Pudding Cave (battle)
  • Inside Pudding Cave, to the right corridor after beating the Queen Pudding (battle)
  • In Rabbit Cave in Arua Island (battle)
  • In front of Lalaque Bridge (battle)
  • In the Northern Lalaque Forest (event)

After the encounter at Northern Lalaque Forest, the next time you exit Pieberry's house, he will be waiting outside, where he talks to Pieberry. After that, you will gain the achievement.

Something with JusticeEdit


  • Aimhard Temple (battle)
  • Lalaque Forest (battle)
  • Saving the child in South Lalaque Forest (event, available after visiting Elysion Temple)
    • Gives the Something with Justice - 1 achievement
  • Talk to Justice in South Lalaque Forest (event, available saving the child)
    • Gives the Something with Justice - 2 achievement

After getting Something with Justice - 2, there will also be a special scene after defeating Pope and Jude, while finding Aramute's Control Room, where Justice saves Pieberry from getting crushed by the crumbling building. This event is automatically be acquired, and you will get the "Hope given by love, Love given by hope" marriage ending.