There are a total of 9 Endings in Witch Spring; only one ending can be acquired per playthrough. After acquiring an ending, you can replay it from the Title Screen.

Post-game content can only be accessed by continuing from the "Hope given by love, Love given by hope" or "A Peaceful Day" endings. The other endings will bring you back to the Title Screen instead of reading "Continue."

List of Endings[edit | edit source]

Obtainable before visiting Eliycion Temple
Illust Name Obtain
Warriors are scary as expected.png "Warrior are scary as expected" Finish 100 days with low stats
Black Witch Forest where no one can go.png "Black Witch Forest where no one can go" Finish 100 days with high stats
Obtainable after visiting Eliycion Temple
Illust Name Obtain
Continuous expedition.png "Continuous expedition" • Finish 100 days before reaching the final battle
• Have at least -6 Fame or more
Notorious Black Witch.png "Notorious Black Witch" • Finish 100 days before reaching the final battle
• Have -6 Fame or less
Hope no place to go.png "Hope, no place to go" • Lose the final battle (ending is the same regardless of who you lose to)
Hope given by love love given by hope.png "Hope given by love, Love given by hope" • Complete the main story
• Complete "Encounters with Justice"
Pieberry's Reign.png "Pieberry's Reign" • Complete the main story with 13+ Fame
• Do not complete "Encounters with Justice"
A Peaceful Day (Regular).png
A peaceful day.png
"A Peaceful Day" • Complete the main story with <13 Fame
• Do not complete "Encounters with Justice"
• Illustration changes if "Encounters with Luna" was completed
Super power Pieberry.png "Super power Pieberry" • Return home after defeating Nightmare

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • You can acquire different endings from old save files, so you don't need to start afresh each time you play.
  • You can avoid getting "Super power Pieberry" by going straight to the final battle against Pope without stopping at home.
  • Unlike the other two endings that require completing the main story, "Pieberry's Reign" does not grant access to post-game since Pieberry becomes a Temple Lord.

Fame Events[edit | edit source]

Certain endings are affected by Pieberry's fame. The following events can raise or lower Pieberry's fame. Some events are guaranteed to raise her fame if triggered, while others can only lower it.

A in the Main Story column means the event must be completed to proceed with the main story. However, the main story itself is optional.

Event Can Gain Can Lose Main Story
Rescuing the Falling Man +1 -1
Encounters with Justice - Aimhard Temple +1 -1
Wild Dog Extermination +1 0
Rescuing the Children +1 -1
Encounters with Alfredo - North hill Lalaque Forest +3 0
Encounters with Alfredo - Final Encounter +5 0
Encounters with Justice - Lalaque Forest +1 -1
Encounters with Justice - Something with Justice 1 +3 0
Fight Warriors at Entrance Lalaque Forest (repeatable) 0 -1
Rescuing the Fisherman +3 0
Rescuing the Warriors +5 0
Total Possible Rep. +24 -Indefinite +3 / -2

Witch Spring Saver[edit | edit source]

By transferring save data via Witch Spring Saver, it was possible to unlock ending CGs by answering a series of questions. Completing at least one ending was needed to unlock this option.

Witch Spring Saver was scheduled to terminate after April 2020, but ever since the April 2018 Witch Spring Illust Remaster, Witch Spring Saver has stopped working. As a result, this method of unlocking ending CGs also no longer works.

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