In Witch Spring, unlike its sequels which have a linear main story, Pieberry has a large range of freedom in her choices. There are no chapters, and the "main story" is completely optional.

Instead, your decisions on what Pieberry does in the game's 100 days decide which of the 9 possible endings you acquire. Of those endings, only 2 can reach post-game content.

Main Story[edit | edit source]

Side Events[edit | edit source]

First Half[edit | edit source]

Main Story Name Reward End After
Beginning Defeat Balt in Black Witch Forest Green Elemental Bead ×1, unlocks the "Throwing Balk Out" achievement
(Must be cleared before visiting Eliycion Temple)
Encounters with Alfredo Black Witch Forest Mind Control magic spell circle. Guaranteed event. - -
Pudding Cave 400 Gold, unlocks next part - -
Rescuing the Falling Man Save him: +1 Fame / Don't save him: -1 Fame
Ralph Requests King Pudding 700 Gold, unlocks next part - -
Magic Slab-Stone 900 Gold, unlocks next part - -
South Island Encounters with Alfredo Rabbit Cave 500 Gold, unlocks next part - -
Ralph Requests Big Crab Shell 1150 Gold, unlocks next part
Prerequisite for "Rescuing the Fisherman"
- -
Aimhard Temple Encounters with Justice Aimhard Temple Guaranteed: 1200 Gold
Knock him out: -1 Fame / Let him go: +1 Fame
Required event to progress with the main story.
- -
Ralph Requests Lava Stone 4000 Gold - -
Black Lion Teeth 3000 Gold - -
Evil-Stone 5000 Gold - -
Memories of the Past Encounters with Alfredo North Forest Hill 600 Gold, unlocks next part - -
North hill Lalaque Forest +3 Fame, 500 Gold, unlocks next part - -
Final Encounter +5 Fame
Wild Dog Extermination Ignore and go: Nothing (can do event later)
Help the humans: +1 Fame
The girl in Middle Lalaque Forest Nothing (character cameo from Kiwi Walks' first game, CatchPlay for Kakao)
Rescuing the Children Guaranteed: ItemSprite Wild Pig Meat.pngWild Pig Meat ×1
Scare them: -1 Fame / Relieve anxiety: +1 Fame
Required event to progress with the main story. Prerequisite for "Encounters with Justice - Lalaque Forest"
Encounters with Justice Lalaque Forest Knock him down: -1 Fame / Let go: +1 Fame
Required event to progress with the main story.
- -
Fight Warriors at Entrance Lalaque Forest -1 Fame, 500 Gold each

Second Half[edit | edit source]

Main Story Name Reward End After
Eliycion Temple Rescuing the Fisherman +3 Fame, Big Crab Shell ×1, unlocks the achievement "Fisherman on South Island"
Rescuing the Warriors +5 Fame,ItemSprite Dark Magic Stone.pngEvil-Stone ×1, unlocks the achievement "Dark Warrior of Lalaque Forest"
Encounters with Justice Something with Justice 1 +3 Fame, unlocks the achievement "Something with Justice - 1" - -
Something with Justice 2 Unlocks the achievement "Something with Justice - 2" and the "Hope given by love, Love given by hope" ending (if you complete the main story).
Encounters with Luna First Meeting Nothing. Guaranteed event. - -
Luna's Magic Book Gain Ice-Magic Book - -
Yummy Food Ice-Crystal ×1 - -
Race at Icy Field Ice-Crystal ×1 - -
Missing Luna Unlocks the achievement "Luna in the Jail".
Changes A Peaceful Day's ending illustration (no change in other endings).
Ralph Requests Ice Heart 4000 Gold - -
Lavastein Stone 7000 Gold - -
Jirconia Dragon's Egg* 10,000 Gold - -
Lightening Dragon's Horn* 15,000 Gold ?
Showdown with Nightmare Obtain the "Super power Pieberry" ending if you return to Pieberry's Room
Captured Conspiracy of Pope Gain Old Magic Encyclopedia, unlocks the "Conspiracy of Pope" achievement

Completing Luna's events only affects the ending scene for A Peaceful Day. If you obtain another ending, such as Hope given by love, Love given by hope (from completing "Encounters with Justice, Something with Justice 2"), you will not get the illustration for A Peaceful Day.

* Jirconia Dragon's Egg and Lightening Dragon's Horn have multiple uses, but each only drops once. Be sure you know what you want to do with it!

Post-Game[edit | edit source]

Main article: Witch Spring 1/Post-Game
Name Reward
The Mine's Secrets 3600 Gold
Black Joe Has Enough Gold Kiwi pet
Kate the Witch
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