There are a total of 14 Pets in Witch Spring.

Any pet that needs to be defeated to be acquired must be defeated with the Mind Control spell as the finishing blow, or as the second-to-last blow if your currently-equipped pet defeats them. The only two exceptions are the plot-related Pets, Aslan and Lightingbell, who join of their own volition.

Active skills require Pieberry to select the Pet's skill from the Pet menu during combat, while Passive skills will automatically activate.

Name Location Notes
Wild Pig Junior Black Witch Forest - Acquired: Defeat it
- Active skill: Increase AGI for 3 turns
Aslan Arua Temple - Acquired: Main Story (Arua Temple)
- Passive skill: Attacks opponents after you hit, or get hit by, an enemy
Wild Rabbit Rabbit Cave in South Island - Acquired: Defeat it
- Passive skill: 20% boost to gold earned
Lightingbell Aimhard Temple - Acquired: Main Story (Aimhard Temple)
- Passive skill: Can enter dark areas
- Active skill: Increases DEF for 3 turns
Wild Pig Boss Wild Pig Plain Lands - Acquired: Defeat it
- Passive skill: Deals damage based on your STR and HP
Black Lion Lion Plain Land Only appears at nighttime with at least 1 Lion Fur in your inventory, and as long as Aslan is not equipped as your pet
- Acquired: Defeat it
- Passive skill: Same as Aslan's, but a bit stronger
Big Ugly Bird Elysion Plains Has no skills and drops a rather useful item. Acquiring this pet is not recommended until the drop is no longer necessary.
- Acquired: Defeat it
Grammy West Golem Cave - Acquired: Defeat it
- Passive skill: Increase DEF to 50%, recovers a small amount of HP every turn
Tiaeia Dragon Valley - Acquired: Defeat it
- Passive skill: Attacks the enemy after your turn. Damage is based on 100%–300% of your SP
White Wolf Ice Cave - Acquired: Defeat it
- Passive skill: Same as Aslan and Black Lion's, but even stronger
Luca Elysion Plains Extremely fast. Recommended 25+ AGI before challenging it.
- Acquired: Defeat it
- Passive skill: Increases AGI over time
- Travels the fastest on the field (but doesn't reduce the amount of time spent travelling according to the in-game clock)
Jirconia Junior Pope Palace-Chapel (recipe) - Acquired: Crafted
- Passive skill: +85 ATK, +30 DEF
- Active skill: Attacks your opponent for damage equal to your HP + SP
Necomis Icy Field - Acquired: Defeat it
- Passive skill: +20% SP, randomly chooses from 4 actions after your turn: Scratch opponent (low damage), +20 HP, cast Ice Pillar (~150 Ice DMG), raises DEF by +15
Gold Kiwi Vavelia Forest (post-game only) - Acquired: Give it Spring Water Out of Rock (from Lion Plain)
- Passive skill: Recovers MP every turn, as well as HP if you get hit

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

From the Korean Wiki:

  • Do not make Black Lion or Big Ugly Bird pets. They are the only source of two ingredients used to craft extremely useful STR and AGI statboosters.
  • Have Wild Rabbit equipped when you go to complete Ralph Requests; its gold-boosting ability does work on the reward money! (And getting more gold from Ralph Requests means getting more gold to buy his statboosters, which saves a ton of time.)
    • In earlier stages of the game, you can also farm gold from him by defeating him without using the Mind Control spell. He will respawn, and drops 800 gold every time you defeat him.
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