Witch Spring's post-game can only be reached through two endings: "Hope given by love, Love given by hope" or "A Peaceful Day". After the ending cutscene, there is a choice to either return to the title screen or continue. You must press Continue for post-game content.

In post-game, there is no more timer and Pieberry is free to explore as she wishes. However, achievements and Ralph Requests cannot be completed.

Pets[edit | edit source]

Dialogue Events[edit | edit source]

The following are notable characters from the main story. There are also many villagers to interact with.

Location Name Notes
Aimhard Temple Aimhard
Arua Temple Arua
Durok Temple Durok
Elicyion Temple Elicyion Talking to her the first time unlocks "Mirror Battle". Dialogue changes after completing it.
Lalaque Village Alfredo Talking to him the first time unlocks "Kate the Witch". Dialogue changes after defeating her.
Merchants' Road Ralph Dialogue does not change for completing all Ralph Requests.
Pope's Castle Aramute
Vavelia Village Luna
Justice Unlocks an illustration and "The Mine's Secrets" event.
(To verify: Illustration unlocked regardless of ending, or only on "Hope From Love"?)
Michelle After the Illust Remaster update, viewing this dialogue causes the game to freeze.

Special Events[edit | edit source]

Name Location Reward Notes
A Kiwi of My Own Vavelie Forest Gold Kiwi pet
Kate the Witch Southwestern Lalaque Forest - Unlocked by speaking to Alfredo and the Lalaque Warrior in Lalaque Village.
Mirror Battle Mirror Room - Unlocked by speaking to Elicyion.
Thanks, Balt! Elysion Plains Green Elemental Bead
The Mine's Secrets Abandoned Mine 3600 Gold Unlocked by talking to Justice in Vavelia Village.
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