Training is a main feature in Witch Spring and one of the main ways for Pieberry to gain stats. The Training List is accessed from Pieberry's Room by clicking on Pieberry, then selecting the second option from the top.

Overview[edit | edit source]

  • Each exercises consumes either HP or MP (cost rises depending on her current maximum HP/MP) and 1–4 hours of her day.
  • Exercises give a flat amount to her stats, usually between 1–4 depending on the exercise.

Exercises[edit | edit source]

  • Running: HP +3 (costs ~40% HP, 2 hours)
  • Push-Up: DEF +0.5 (costs ~30% HP, 1 hour)
  • Swimming: HP +4 (costs ~50% HP, 2 hours)
  • Punching Wood: HP +1, STR +1, AGI +1 (costs ~50% HP, 3 hours)
  • Punching Rock: HP +1, STR +1.5, DEF +1 (costs ~60% HP, 3 hours)
  • Meditation: MP +1, SP +0.5 (costs ~30% MP, 3 hours)
  • Reading: SP +1 (costs ~20% HP, 3 hours)
  • Magic Study: MP +1, SP +1 (costs ~40% HP, 3 hours)
  • Magic Practice: MP +1, SP +1.5 (costs ~60% MP, 4 hours)
  • Roof Meditation: MP +4, SP +1 (costs ~60% HP, 4 hours)

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

  • Training is mainly useful in early-game and is typically phased out in late-game when aiming for maximum stat growth. The low stat boosts relative to in-game hours spent and their HP/MP cost aren't enough to justify using them regularly. Grinding for crafting ingredients or buying statboosters from Ralph is more efficient.
  • Another alternative to training is battling Panda Kum in North Snow Field, although it is unlocked relatively late in the game (past Elysion Temple). The amount of stats gained depend on the actions taken in battle:
    • Using physical attacks: +1 STR
    • Using magic: +1 SP
    • Hit by or dodging attacks: +0.5 DEF
  • Recommended stats to train (from the Korean Wiki): AGI, DEF
    • AGI increases Pieberry's chances of attacking first and getting more turns before the enemy can attack. With limited bag space and no way to defend herself, she wants to avoid letting the enemy attack her as much as possible. (AGI is more efficiently gained from Fast-Fast-Feathers and Ultra-Fast-Fast-Feathers, but those cannot be crafted until you unlock Elysion Plains.)
    • DEF is useful in earlier stages when your AGI also isn't very high. Later on, it can be more efficiently raised by crafting Ice Crystals using Luna's Magic Ice Book.
  • Not recommended to train: STR
    • STR: While you may end up training it during the above recommended exercises, statboosters can raise STR much faster. Notably, the late-game Lion Soup gives her +56 STR at a time. (It requires farming the Black Lion Teeth, however, which means you cannot make it into a pet until you've collected as much as you want. Also to note is that it requires going to Pope's Laboratory to get the spellbook, so depending on how quickly you can proceed, you may not even be able to use it until post-game.)
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