Witch Spring 2 has two main endings. The ending cutscenes, illustrations, and final rank will also change based on achievements and reputation.

Ending Split[edit | edit source]

There are two ending paths, determined by your choice during Chapter 5: Luna's Friends event - Finding Robin:

  • Attack Robin → Atoner ending
  • Do Nothing → Together with Robin ending

The ending split affects one ending cutscene as well as certain post-game events.

Reputation Events[edit | edit source]

Most side events give Luna the option to help others (gain reputation) or ignore them (no change); some give no option and Luna will automatically gain reputation by triggering the event. Very rarely, she is given an option that can lower her reputation.

Most events can be played at any point after the unlock chapter, though a few must be done at a specific point. Click on the event name to view its details.

Ch. Name Can Gain Can Lose Guaranteed
1 Befriending the Dwarves +8 -
2 Befriending Sofia +15 -
Rescuing the Falling Man +1 -1
3 Befriending Sara +7
Rescuing the Children +1 -
Red Beard's Requests +11
Rescuing the Warriors +1 -
4 Befriending Alfredo - Golem Cave +7 -
Befriending Alfredo - Northern Lalaque Forest Cliff +2 -
Total Possible Rep. +53 +13 +14

Because "Befriending Sara" and "Befriending Alfredo, Golem Cave" are guaranteed events, you will have a minimum of +13 Reputation by the time you reach the end of the main story.

Ending Illustrations[edit | edit source]

Based on achievements cleared and reputation earned, you will see 2 to 4 ending illustrations before the Ending Credits.

  • Medal from Sofia: Requires completing "Befriending Sofia".
  • Savior of Vavelia: Requires 15+ Reputation.
  • Aramute's Successor: Guaranteed illustration, but changes if you completed "Meeting Ludina".
  • Luna's Friends: Guaranteed illustration, but has additions if you completed the following side events:

Ranking[edit | edit source]

During the ending, you will receive a Ranking based on how much reputation you had at the time of the ending, and how many side events you cleared.

Reputation Side Events Rank
13~25 ?~? B
26~38 ?~? A
39~52 ?~? S
53 (max) All S+
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