Witch Spring 2 has a main story and several side events.

There are 5 main story chapters and 2 main endings. The ending cutscenes and illustrations are also affected by Luna's reputation, which can be raised (or lowered) through certain main story and side events.

After completing the main story, post-game content will be available.

The game's title screen also changes over the course of the main story, and by completing certain side events. See the Achievements Guide for details.

Main Story[edit | edit source]

The main story guide will help you navigate the main story if you get lost.

Side Events[edit | edit source]

Side events, reputation events, events with different outcomes, and "hidden" events are listed in order of which chapter and main story event unlocks them.

The End column means if affects an ending cutscene or illustration, while After means it affects post-game content. For both, a dash (-) means that the event has another part to it.

Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

Main Story Name Reward End After
Exploration Befriending Alflady Part 1 200 Gold. Guaranteed event. - -
Bandits in the Cave Wolf Cave Gain access to chests in Wolf Cave + chest in Rocky Hill. Prerequisite for "Befriending the Dwarves". Unlocks Crystal Cave event - -
Crystal Cave Blue Crystal ×2 (total)
Befriending the Dwarves +8 Reputation, gain access to Dwarf Valley, Northwestern Waters, and Crystal Cave
Prerequisite for "The Dwarves' Golem" (Ch. 3)
Mastering Martial Arts Part 1 Can use 2 consecutive attacks, unlocks Part 2 - -
Part 2 Can use 3 consecutive attacks, unlocks Part 3 - -
Part 3 Can use 4 consecutive attacks, unlocks Part 4 - -
Part 4 Can use 5 consecutive attacks, unlocks Part 5 - -
Part 5 Can use 6 consecutive attacks, unlocks the Final Part. - -
Final Part Gain Burning Heart, unlocks Old Man's achievement and "Reuniting with the Master"
Meeting with Michelle Fought the Warrior at Rocky Hill: Gain Kreytes Leaf ×1
If you didn't: Nothing
(Must be completed before the event at Arua Temple.)
Red Beard's Requests Royal Palace Pass +1 Reputation, 2000 Gold, +1 Reputation - -
Klarates Leaf 6500 Gold, +1 Reputation - -
Arua Temple Red Beard's Requests Blitz's Egg Sac 3000 Gold, +1 Reputation - -
Reuniting with the Master Burning Heart upgrade (deals 30% explosive DMG on 6th hit)

Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

Main Story Name Reward End After
Aimhard Temple Befriending Sofia +15 Reputation, 25,000 Gold, gain Blue as a pet, unlocks Sofia's achievement
Training with Panda Kum 1 5% boost to all stats, unlock next training session - -
2 - -
3 - -
4 - -
5 5% boost to all stats, gain Magic Reuse skill, unlocks the rest of Ice Cave.
Prerequisite for "Meeting Ludina".
Meeting Ludina Gain Ludina's Magic Book
Rescuing the Falling Man Ignore him: Nothing (leaves him hanging)
Save him, ask for Gold: -1 Reputation, 500 Gold
Save him, let him go: +1 Reputation, 5 Blue Lalaque Berries
Befriending Alfredo Aimhard Temple 50 Gold. Guaranteed Event. - -
First Victory Over Nightmare Gain Contaminated Sword of Nightmare
Red Beard's Requests Dark Magic Stone 8000 Gold, +1 Reputation - -
Frozen Dark Magic Stone 8000 Gold, +1 Reputation - -
Nessie's Four Luminant Eyes 15,000 Gold, +1 Reputation - -
Kentz Stone 19,500 Gold, +1 Reputation - -

While "Training with Panda Kum" has no effect on the Ending cutscenes or post-game, it unlocks "Meeting Ludina", which does.

Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

Main Story Name Reward End After
Elysion Temple The Dwarves' Golem Gain Guardian as a pet.
Befriending Alflady Part 2 300 Gold, unlock Part 3 - -
Part 3 Nothing, unlock Part 4 - -
Part 4 Magic Sleeping Bag ×1
Prerequisite for "Alfredo and Alflady"
Red Beard's Requests Big Dark Magic Stone +1 Reputation, 20,000 Gold - -
Head of Ice Giant +1 Reputation, 22,000 Gold - -
Zirconia Dragon's Egg +1 Reputation, 20,000 Gold - -
Lightening Dragon's Horn +1 Reputation, 105,000 Gold (total)
Helping Humans Befriending Sara +7 Reputation (total) and unlock Sara's achievement. Guaranteed event.
Prerequisite for "Befriending Justice" and "Rescuing the Children".
Befriending Alfredo Lalaque Bridge 30 Gold. Guaranteed event. - -
Befriending Ralph Help: Can trade with him during main story, unlocks Ralph's achievement.
Ignore: Ralph doesn't reappear until post-game.
Guaranteed event.
Befriending Justice Lalaque Forest 1000 Gold, unlocks next part.
Prerequisite for "Rescuing the Children".
- -
Lalaque Forest Rematch 2500 Gold, unlocks next part. - -
Rescue at Gloomy Cave Gain Dark Magic Stone ×1, Contaminated Sword from Justice, "Luna's new friend Justice" achievement.
Prerequisite for "Rescuing the Warriors" and "Pieberry and Justice, Part 1".
Rescuing the Children +1 Reputation
Rescuing the Warriors +1 Reputation
Pieberry and Justice Part 1 Unlocks next part - -
Part 2 Changes post-game dialogue

Chapter 4[edit | edit source]

Main Story Name Reward End After
Finding Lord Aramute Stealing Lucca Obtain Lucca as a pet
Adventures with Pieberry Race at Icy Field Obtain Black Joe as a pet early
Befriending the Nuuks Gain the Nuuk's achievement
Befriending Alfredo Golem Cave +7 Reputation, unlocks the next part. Guaranteed event. - -
Northern Lalaque Forest +2 Reputation, unlocks the next part (in Ch. 5).
Prerequisite for "Alfredo and Alflady".
- -
Alfredo and Alflady Changes an ending illustration.

Chapter 5[edit | edit source]

Main Story Name Reward End After
Escape Befriending Michelle Gain Michelle's achievement
Finding Robin Befriending Alfredo Palace Sewer Gain Alfredo's achievement

Post-Game[edit | edit source]

Main article: Witch Spring 2/Post-Game
Name Location Reward Notes
Date with Robin Northern Vavelia Hill - Only available on the Atoner ending.
Mirror Battle Mirror Room +50 HP, MP, STR, MAG
Sara's Request Lalaque Village Sara's Dress outfit
Showdown with Aramute Mind Room Chrios outfit
Showdown with Kate the Witch Gloomy Cave in Southwestern Lalaque Forest Soul Stone
Showdown with Mulette Ruth Falls Mulette's Hard Scale
Showdown with Temar Temar's Room Durok's Gloves weapon
The Mine's Secrets Abandoned Mine Livya's Spear
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