A list of main story and optional events in Witch Spring 2. A maximum of 53 Reputation can be acquired during the main story, and affect your ranking at the end of the game.

Main StoryEdit

The main story guide will help you navigate the main story if you get lost. There are five chapters in the story and two endings; getting the post-game is guaranteed in this game, unlike in Witch Spring 1 and Witch Spring 3.

Optional EventsEdit

Unlocked Event Location Bonuses
Chapter 1 Returning the Angel Eye to the Dwarves Dwarves' Village +8 Reputation
Chapter 2 Rescuing Sofia West Shore +15 Reputation
25,000 Gold
Receive Blue as a pet
Chapter 3 Saving the man about to fall Merchant's Road (Just save him)
+1 Reputation, 5 Blue Lalaque Berries
(Save him, ask for Gold)
-1 Reputation, 500 Gold
Chapter 4 Saving Alfredo Golem Cave +7 Reputation
Reassuring Alfredo Northern Lalaque Forest +2 Reputation
Driving off the wild dogs* Lalaque Forest +7 Reputation
Rescuing the children from wild dogs Southern Lalaque Forest +1 Reputation
Completing all of Red Beard's quests Dark Traders' Hideout +11 Reputation
Saving the Warriors from the Dark Warrior Lalaque Forest +1 Reputation
Saving Justice from the Demon Gloomy Cave in Lalaque Forest Gain the Sword of Growth
Chapter 5 Pieberry and Justice Southern Lalaque Forest -
Alfredo and Alflady Merchants' Road -

*Can only be completed in Chapter 4

Training with Panda KumEdit

After Chapter 2, you will unlock training with Panda Kum, located in Icy Field to the far top-left of the map. There are a total of 5 battles you can do with him.

Panda Kum's Stats
Battle 1 Battle 2 Battle 3 Battle 4 Battle 5
HP 450 1020 2500 4320 8650
Strength 20 34 50 65 90
Magic 0 0 0 0 0
Agility 20 24 30 36 40
Defense 0 0 0 20 35
Resistance 0 0 0 20 35

After defeating Panda Kum for the last time, he will give you Reuse Magic Power and open the blocked-off path in the Ice Cave, allowing you to fight Aeris, acquire the Ice Hammer, and complete Ludina's story.

Meeting LudinaEdit

After defeating Panda Kum 5 times, he will ask you to defeat Aeris in Ice Cave to rescue an old friend. After doing so, Ludina will appear and talk to Luna. You can find Ice Hammer and <Ludina's Magic Encyclopedia> in Aeris' room.