There are a total of 21 Pets in Witch Spring 2. While exploring Vavelia, Luna will encounter creatures that she can make into her pets. Their unique abilities will support her during her journey.

Overview[edit | edit source]

  • Most pets are special enemies that become pets after being defeated. There are a few exceptions that have other special requirements.
  • Pets have an active skill, passive skill, or both.
    • Pets with active skills will automatically use their skills either before or after Luna's turn.
  • Only one pet can be summoned at a time.
  • Pets are kept in Southwestern Kentz Mountain, but Luna can summon, switch, and send them home from the Pet menu while exploring the field. This function may be deactivated during certain events.

List of Pets[edit | edit source]

Pets that are not obtained through the Main Story can be acquired at any point after the chapter listed.

Ch. Name Location Story Mount Abilities
1 Angry Boar Side of Kentz Mountain Passive: [2 + 10%] DEF Boost.
Aslan Sea of Arua Active: Deals physical DMG based on MAG.
Bad Rabbit Rabbit Hole Active: Deals low physical DMG.
Passive: 30% Gold Boost.
Black Cat Rocky Hill - Road to Durok Temple Active: Heals 10% HP, 15% MP.
Bolbat Kreytes Forest Active: Deals physical DMG, heals Luna equal to DMG dealt (Healing cap: 125).
Eison West Shore Passive: 100% DEF Boost, can travel in deep water.
Gray Wolf Wolf Cave Active: Deals physical DMG equal to 175% STR.
2 Black Lion Lion Plains Active: Deals physical DMG (200 + 25 per turn passed).
Blue West Shore Active: Heals 17% HP, 20% MP.
Blue Wolf Ice Cave Active: Deals physical DMG equal to 400% STR.
Captain Boar Boar Plains Active: Deals physical DMG based on HP + DEF.
Passive: 50% DEF Boost.
Nekomis Icy Field Active: Performs 1 random action:
• Heals Luna for 35% MAG (can exceed max HP).
• Casts Rain of Ice (magic DMG based on MAG).
• Casts Scratch (low physical DMG).
White Cat Lalaque Forest Active: Heals 12% HP/MP.
3 Gremmy Red Rocky Golem Cave Active: Performs 1 random action:
• Heals for up to 35% MAG.
• Creates a magical barrier (20% MAG + 10% MAG per reinforcement).
Guardian Dwarf Valley Active: Deals physical DMG based on MAG. Boost to specs when MAG is over 200.
Pink Eison Black Witch Forest Passive: 50% DEF Boost, 100% AGI Boost in water.
Tia Reese Dragon Valley Active: Deals magic DMG up to 700% MAG.
Yellow Cat Elysion Plains Active: Heals 15% HP, 8% MP.
4 Black Joe Icy Field (event) Active: Ability changes based on form.
• Ugly Bird form: Nullifies melee damage / Reduces ranged damage by 50%. After 3 hits, switches to Nuuk form.
• Nuuk form: Deals physical damage. Switches to Ugly Bird form.
Lucca Black Witch's House Passive: 100% AGI Boost.
(Fastest walking speed.)
5 Zirconia Jr. Crafted (recipe from Pope's Laboratory) Active: Deals physical DMG based on DEF.
Passive: 150% DEF Boost.
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