Witch Spring 2 touts a rather extensive post-game (officially known as the after story). You are guaranteed to enter post-game after you defeat the final boss.

After seeing the credits, Luna will return to her original hideout. After she thinks back on how it was because of that cave that she survived the past ten years, you're free to control her. (Even though the post-game starts in the hideout, if you use the Home spell, you'll still be taken back to the Ice Witch's House.)

New Equipment[edit | edit source]

Outfits[edit | edit source]

Left to right: Checker Dress, Checker Corset Dress, Chrios, Sara's Dress

Luna can freely change her outfit in post-game. Along with Luna's Dress and Ice Witch's Dress from the main story (which are located at the bottom of her inventory), Luna can gain another four costumes:

  1. Checker Dress: Buy from Ralph the Merchant (120,000 gold)
  2. Checker Corset Dress: Buy from Ralph the Merchant (180,000 gold)
  3. Chrios: Defeat Aramute in the Mind Room
  4. Sara's Dress: Complete Sara's Quest

Outfits are purely decorative in WS2 and provide no special abilities.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

  • Durok's Gloves: Obtained after completing "Showdown with Temar" and speaking to Durok.

Character Dialogue[edit | edit source]

These events only have dialogue, without battles or rewards. Some characters may have regular dialogue after their events are completed.

Name Location Notes
Aimhard Aimhard Temple
Arua Arua Temple
Alfredo Lalaque Village Only appears if "Befriending Alfredo" was completed. (Verification needed.) Prerequisite for "Showdown with Kate the Witch".
Alflady Vavelia Village Only appears if "Befriending Alflady" was completed.
Aramute Pope's Castle Speaking to him for the first time unlocks the Mind Room for "Showdown with Aramute". (Note: May have other, currently-unverified ending prerequisites.)
Durok Durok Temple Speaking to him for the first time unlocks Temar's Room for "Showdown with Temar".
Elysion Elysion Temple Speaking to her for the first time unlocks the Mirror Room for "Mirror Image Showdown".
Justice Vavelia Village Only appears if "Befriending Justice" was completed.
Ludina Ice Witch's House Only appears if "Meeting Ludina" was completed. Cannot be interacted with after the first conversation.
Michelle Luna's House Only appears if "Befriending Michelle" was completed.
Pieberry Black Witch's House Appears here the first time you speak to her. Dialogue changes depending on the completion "Pieberry and Justice" and your ending with Robin.
Elysion Temple Appears here after talking to her at Black Witch's House.
Robin Vavelia Village Changes depending on getting the "Together with Robin" or "Atoner" endings.
Sofia Luna's House Only appears if "Befriending Sofia" was completed. Only appears once and has no permanent location.

Special Events[edit | edit source]

Name Location Reward Battle? Notes
Date with Robin Northern Vavelia Hill None Only available on the Atoner ending. Robin will no longer have a permanent location after completing this event.
Manil Island is Off Limits West Shore None The coast guards give a different reason for barring Luna from Manil Island.
Mirror Battle Mirror Room +50 HP, MP, STR, MAG Unlocked after speaking to Elysion for the first time.
Plundering Pirates Sea of Arua (start) ~130,000 Gold (total)
Sara's Request Lalaque Village Sara's Dress outfit Unlocked after speaking to Sara for the first time.
Showdown with Aramute Mind Room Chrios outfit Unlocked after speaking to Aramute for the first time. (To verify: May have certain ending prerequisites.)
Showdown with Kate the Witch Gloomy Cave in Southwestern Lalaque Forest Soul Stone Unlocked after speaking to Alfredo for the first time.
Showdown with Mulette Ruth Falls Mulette's Hard Scale
Showdown with Temar Temar's Room Durok's Gloves weapon Unlocked after speaking to Durok for the first time.
The Mine's Secrets Abandoned Mine Livya's Spear
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