A list of Spells that Luna can use in Witch Spring 2.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Like previous game, there are 3 types of magic circles: Central, Booster, and Focus. There are also 5 types of Central Magic Circles, which determine the spell's element and strength: Common Offensive Magic, Flame, Thunder, Ice, and Healing.

A spell's strength is determined by its Effectiveness (base power) + Magic Power Reflection (% of MAG added to Effectiveness). This can be further affected by Booster Magic Circles, the spell slot it is equipped in, equipment effects, and the time of day.

All spells have an innate MP cost, which is affected by several factors: Booster Magic Circles, Focus Magic Circles, and the spell slot it's equipped in.

Spells can be set through the Magic Circle Combination menu (the big book) at Luna's homes. In order to unlock the menu, you need to craft 3-Circle Flame Pillar Magic.

Damage Formula[edit | edit source]

The full damage formula is as follows:

(Base Power + MAG Reflection * MAG) * [Booster Bonus] * Spell Slot * Equipment Bonus * Time of Day Bonus

A spell's listed Offensiveness and Mana Usage already include bonuses from spell slot and Booster/Focus Magic Circles, but have not calculated bonuses from weapons or nighttime.

  • The yellow "(+number Boosted)" next to Offensiveness is already added into the white number to the left. Subtract the bonus to find the Power value ([Base Power]+[MAG Reflection]×[MAG]).

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The 3 spell slots have the following effects:
    • Primary Slot: Spell is 20% more effective
    • Secondary Slot: Spell is 10% more effective, uses 10% less MP
    • Sub Slot: Uses 20% less MP
  • Luna gets a 30% boost to spell effectiveness during nighttime.
  • In order to use a spell circle in multiple slots, the spell needs to be crafted multiple times.

Common Offensive Magic[edit | edit source]

Common Offensive Magic spells are non-elemental. There are only two spells of this type: one that Luna has at the start of the game, and another that can only be unlocked in post-game.

Name Total Power Cost Obtain
Magic-Power Compression Magic MAG + 10 15 MP Automatically unlocked at game start
Ecarr Vertel HP + MP + MAG All HP/MP Craft (Old Magic Encyclopedia 2)

Flame Magic[edit | edit source]

Flame magic inflicts Burn damage (damage-over-time) proportional to Luna's MAG. It grows stronger the more you continue to use Flame magic, increasing by 10% with each hit until you reach 50%. The effect lasts up to 9 turns, and decreases in effectiveness every couple of turns until it reaches 0.

Burn can also be applied by ItemSprite Burning Heart.pngBurning Heart and ItemSprite Tia Reese.pngTia Reese. They can also break the 50% Burn cap to reach 60% Burn.

Name Total Power Cost Obtain
3-Circle Flame Pillar Magic 120% MAG + 25 20 MP Craft (Recipes at Game Start)
4-Circle Flame Stone Magic 160% MAG + 60 30 MP Craft (Flame Magic Encyclopedia)
5-Circle Spot Explosion Magic 210% MAG + 110 70 MP Craft (Flame Magic Encyclopedia)
6-Circle Flame Meteor Magic 300% MAG + 210 155 MP Craft (Flame Magic Encyclopedia)
7-Circle Meteor Compression Magic 400% MAG + 300 250 MP Craft (Old Magic Encyclopedia)

Thunder Magic[edit | edit source]

Thunder magic has the most base power of the different types of magic, but consumes the most MP in return. It leaves behind an electric field that lowers the target's physical and magical defense.

Name Total Power Cost Obtain
Stage 3 Lightening Magic 160% MAG + 80 45 MP Craft (Thunder Magic Encyclopedia)
Stage 4 Lightening Rain Magic 180% MAG + 120 70 MP Craft (Thunder Magic Encyclopedia)
Stage 5 Thunder Ball Magic 300% MAG + 200 125 MP Craft (Thunder Magic Encyclopedia)
Stage 6 Mega Lightening Magic 330% MAG + 200 200 MP Craft (Thunder Magic Encyclopedia)
Stage 7 Lightening Magic 450% MAG + 325 320 MP Craft (Old Magic Encyclopedia)

Ice Magic[edit | edit source]

Ice magic deals the least amount of damage of the different types of magic, but it also uses the least amount of MP and slows down the enemy by Freezing them. The amount that they are slowed down by increases as you use more Ice magic on them, until it reaches 60%.

Freeze can also be inflicted by ItemSprite Ice Hammer.pngIce Hammer up to a 70% effectiveness cap.

Name Total Power Cost Obtain
3-Pillar Ice Magic 110% MAG + 20 12 MP Automatically unlocked during Chapter 2: A Hurt Witch
4-Pillar Ice Prison Magic 140% MAG + 50 25 MP Craft (Ice Witch's House)
5-Pillar Ice Shard Rain Magic 200% MAG + 120 70 MP Craft (Ice Witch's House)
6-Pillar Mega-Ice Thorn Magic 280% MAG + 160 110 MP Craft (Ice Witch's House)
7-Pillar Mega-Iceberg Magic 350% MAG + 250 175 MP Craft (Ludina's Magic Encyclopedia)

Healing Magic[edit | edit source]

As its name suggests, Healing spells will heal Luna.

Name Total Power Cost Obtain
Healing Magic 20% MAG + 60 15 MP Craft (Recipes at Game Start)
Advanced Healing Magic 50% MAG + 255 55 MP Craft (Healing Magic Encyclopedia)

Booster Magic Circles[edit | edit source]

Booster Magic Circles increase magic damage in exchange for increasing MP cost.

Name Magic DMG MP Cost Obtain
Low-Level Booster Magic +10% +5% Craft (Recipes at Game Start)
Intermediate Booster Magic +25% +20% Craft (Healing Magic Encyclopedia)
Advanced Booster Magic +65% +50% Craft (Old Magic Encyclopedia)

Focus Magic Circles[edit | edit source]

Focus Magic Circles reduce the amount of MP consumed by a spell.

Name MP Reduction Obtain
Low-Level Focus Magic 10% Craft (Recipes at Game Start)
Intermediate Focus Magic 15% Craft (Healing Magic Encyclopedia)
Advanced Focus Magic 40% Craft (Healing Magic Encyclopedia)
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