Witch Spring 2 uses a different equipment system than the previous game. While Luna can only equip weapons, she has a total of 11 weapons to pick from. (Two of those weapons are only acquired in post-game.)

While most are acquired through events, the Moonstone Wand that she starts out with can be upgraded through crafting, and two weapons she acquires through events need to be purified via crafting as well.

Main Story Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapons are listed in relative order of availability.

Icon Name Phys. DMG Magic DMG Other Effects Obtain
ItemSprite Moonstone Wand.png Moonstone Wand 0 +100% - Start of game
ItemSprite Enhanced Moonstone Wand.png Enhanced Moonstone Wand +10% +110% Restore 10% MP consumed after using offensive magic. Craft (Recipes at Game Start)
ItemSprite Arua's Wand.png Arua's Wand 0 +140% +20% MP consumed. If not enough MP is available, magic DMG boost is lowered to 70%. Chest in Arua Temple
ItemSprite Burning Heart.png Burning Heart +140% 0 Inflicts Burn from 3rd hit on. Deals explosive damage on 6th hit. Complete "Mastering Martial Arts"
ItemSprite Lucid Moonstone Wand.png Lucid Moonstone Wand +10% +120% Deal explosive DMG on 6th consecutive attack. Restore 10% MP consumed after using offensive magic. Craft (Ice Witch's House)
ItemSprite Ice Hammer.png Ice Hammer +130% 0 Inflicts Freeze with every attack. On 6th hit, deals massive Ice damage. Chest in Ice Cave*
ItemSprite True Moonstone Wand.png True Moonstone Wand +140% +140% Boost to Moonstone charge speed. Craft (Ludina's Magic Encyclopedia)
ItemSprite Evil Sword of Nightmare.png Evil Sword of Nightmare +360% 0 -5% max HP per hit. Power reduced if not enough HP is available. Craft (Purification Encyclopedia)
ItemSprite Sword of Growth from Justice.png Sword of Growth from Justice +125% + (2% * Turn #) 0 - Craft (Purification Encyclopedia)

* Requires completing "Training with Panda Kum" in order to unlock the area with the chest.

Post-Game Weapons[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Phys. DMG Magic DMG Obtain
ItemSprite Durok's Gloves.png Durok's Gloves Damage now based on MAG + 200% STR 0 Talk to Durok after defeating Temar
ItemSprite Livya's Spear.png Livya's Spear +130% + (2% * Attack Times) +130% + (2% * Attack Times) Complete "The Mine's Secrets"

Unusable Weapons[edit | edit source]

These "weapons" can only be used after crafting (purification). In-game, they are classified as crafting ingredients.

Icon Name Crafts Into Obtain
ItemSprite Contaminated Sword from Justice.png Contaminated Sword from Justice Sword of Growth from Justice Complete "Befriending Justice - Gloomy Cave Rescue"
ItemSprite Contaminated Sword of Nightmare.png Contaminated Sword of Nightmare Evil Sword of Nightmare Defeat Nightmare for the first time
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