There are 12 Achievements in Witch Spring 3. None of them are directly tied to the main plot, instead relating to the dolls you bring to life in-game. Each doll you bring to life unlocks a new Achievement.

Name Description Value
Little Emilia A small, cute, and diligent doll 2000 XP
Boar Doll A doll Grandmother made with hair pulled from a wild boar. 2000 XP
Lara A cheerful and energetic doll. 3000 XP
Rachel Shoots five magic arrows at a time. 3000 XP
Denver A white lion that is quick and strong. 4000 XP
Warrie A small warrior doll that follows its master's swordsmanship. 4000 XP
Prototype Warrie A failed prototype of Warrie. 4000 XP
Musclee A large combat doll. 5000 XP
Birdrock A giant golem that specializes in defense. 5000 XP
Desert Fox Cub A desert fox found in the south of the Lehert Desert. 5000 XP
Vahnter Grandmother's best work. 10000 XP
Bernick Grandmother's worst work. 10000 XP


  • On the game's initial release, none of the achievements were translated. As of the version 1.09 patch, however, the names and descriptions have been properly translated.
  • There was a glitch in the initial release where you sometimes would not get the achievements for unlocking certain dolls. That glitch has been fixed as well; if you didn't get the achievement, reacquiring it in another playthrough will register the achievement.