Witch Spring 3 combines the weapon system of Witch Spring 2 with the equipment slots of Witch Spring. Eirudy gets one weapon slot and one equipment slot, which she can freely interchange.

Some weapons are acquired through events, while others can be crafted. Accessories, on the other hand, are almost entirely acquired through events. Some weapons and accessories can only be acquired in the post-game and have thus been listed separately.

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Crafted Dryad StaffEnhanced Dryad StaffRed Dryad StaffBlue Dryad StaffMaegrik Blade
Event Armedak the Holy Sword* • Old Staff of Revgato (Staff of Revgato)* • Fine Blade Shubetha (Za'rrel Shubetha)* • Captain's SwordKhan Za'rrelStaff of Filia
* Only one of these weapons can be acquired in a single playthrough
Purchasable Za'rrelRa Za'rrelWarrior SwordIncomplete Khan Za'rrel
Post-Game Eileen's Thorn StaffFilia's Barren StaffFlaming Maegrik BladeGolden Za'rrelGreat Sword EsterasTrue Armedak
Main Story Small Soul Stone ButtonHector's Battle SackEpaulet of Courage
Optional Events Ancient Lehert NecklaceBlessing of RevgatoMullet Scale CoatShezarian WoodpieceSilver Pendant
Other Flame PendantLight Chain ArmorPendant of PatienceWind Pendant
Post-Game Revgato's Ring

Stat ScreenEdit

Eirudy - Pinerame stat screen

A post-game stat screen

The stat screen displays Eirudy's current stats, training levels, equipped weapon and accessory, and her "tendencies"—how often she uses magical or physical attacks. Using more of one fighting type will skew the tendency towards that type, up until you hit an 18% bonus.

The stats displayed on the screen already take into account equipment and tendency bonuses. For example, in the image, Eirudy's STR stat is 2656 with the +1155 bonus, making her base STR 1501.

The bonuses are calculated as follows: [Base Stat] + [Base Stat]*[Equip Bonus] + ([Base Stat] + [Base Stat]*[Equip Bonus])*[Tendency]

Even if you equip a weapon that does not buff your tendency style (for example, equipping Filia's Barren Staff while having an +18% Sword Tendency boost), the +18% STR will still take effect. However, you will not get the bonus Magic Tendency effect added to your MAG.

Mount-type dolls can also give boosts to AGI and/or DEF while being ridden on.


Dryad StaffEdit

  • Acquired: Automatically, Crafting Research lv. 1
  • Crafting materials: 1 Spirit Woodpiece, 3 Cloth Piece, 3 Froggy Pearl

Enhanced Dryad StaffEdit

  • Acquired: Crafting Research lv. 1
  • Crafting materials: 1 Dryad Staff, 3 Spirit Twig, 1 Warrior Sword
  • Effect: STR and MAG +10%, AGI +30%.

Red Dryad StaffEdit

  • Acquired: Crafting Research lv. 5
  • Crafting materials: 1 Enhanced Dryad Staff, 2 Lavarock Horn, 5 Sparkling Yellow Stone Powder
  • Effect: MAG +20%, STR +15%, AGI +40%. Fire magic damage +30%, physical attack applies Burn on target.

Blue Dryad StaffEdit

  • Acquired: Crafting Research lv. 5
  • Crafting materials: 1 Enhanced Dryad Staff, 1 Ice Thorn, 5 Cold Rock
  • Description: MAG +20%, STR +10%, AGI +40%. Ice magic damage +30%, physical attack applies Freeze on target.

Maegrik BladeEdit

  • Acquired: Crafting Research lv. 7
  • Crafting materials: 1 Red Dryad Wand, 1 Flaming Maegrik Dragon Scale, 1 Maegrik's Egg, 1 Heart of Lavalord
  • Effect: STR +15% base, +4% every turn.
  • Note: Needs at least 300 MAG to equip.

Armedak the Holy SwordEdit

  • Acquired: Chapter 2; pick from the three treasures Adrian shows you (cannot pick the others afterwards)
  • Effect: STR +18%, MAG +10%.
  • Weapon Skill: Ecarr Vertel (unlocked by completing Marii's Test of Patience; Light/True Paths only)
  • Note: Upgrades into True Armedak, post-game only.

True ArmedakEdit

  • Acquired: Post-Game; with Armedak equipped, go to the Temple of Morell and fight the ball of light. Afterwards, you will get +10% to all stats and acquire True Armedak.
  • Effect: STR +25%, MAG +40%
  • Weapon Skill: Ecarr Vertel

Old Staff of RevgatoEdit

  • Acquired: Chapter 2; pick from the three treasures Adrian shows you (cannot pick the others afterwards)
  • Effect: MAG +32%, but STR -20%. Deals additional damage to 1–2 other non-targeted enemies.
  • Note: Upgrades into Staff of Revgato.

Staff of RevgatoEdit

Staff of revgato

Staff of Revgato

  • Acquired: Pick Old Staff of Revgato in Chapter 2 → go to the Spring of Truth in Misty Forest (Chapter 4, Light/True paths) → Approach the Staff of Revgato in the vision
  • Effect: MAG +55%, restores HP up to the amount of MP used.
  • Weapon Skill: Unir (use 1–3 turns to build an energy ball, then throw it at the enemy next turn. Damage is based on MAG and turn stacks. Does not use MP.)
  • Note: After you enter the vision at the Spring of the Truth, you will see the Staff of Revgato floating behind Eirudy. You must approach the Staff of Revgato in order to get the upgrade. If you don't approach it, it will remain the Old Staff of Revgato after the vision ends and there is no known way to acquire the Staff of Revgato afterwards.

Fine Blade ShubethaEdit

  • Acquired: Pick from the three treasures Adrian shows you (cannot pick the others afterwards)
  • Effect: STR +24%
  • Note: Picking this is the only way to acquire the Za'rrel Shubetha. This is also the only treasure that can be upgraded on all three routes; the Staff of Revgato can only be unlocked during a story event in the Light/True paths, while Armedak's Ecarr Vertel skill can only be unlocked in an area unlocked during the Light/True path stories, and its upgrade is acquired in the after story (which requires the Light/True endings).

Za'rrel ShubethaEdit

  • Acquired: Pick Fine Blade Shubetha in Chapter 2 → complete the "Thieves in the Mine" subquest (gain Rare Metal) → Visit Za'rrel with Shubetha equipped and Rare Metal in inventory.
  • Effect: STR +50%
  • Weapon Skill: Deathblow (activates after one turn, building up energy for the thrust while leaving you defenseless. Damage is based on 400% of STR.)
  • Note: Za'rrel will sometimes be unresponsive if the Khan Za'rrel event is not completed.

Captain's SwordEdit

  • Acquired: Meet Hector at his usual place in Shubeth Road in Chapter 3, after saving the workers trapped in the mine
  • Effect: STR +50

Khan Za'rrelEdit

  • Acquired: Give a Claw of an Ancient Dragon to Za'rrel the Weaponmaker
  • Description: STR +96.

Golden Za'rrelEdit

  • Acquired: Post-Game; defeat the Gigantic Scorpion, visit Za'rrel with Khan Za'rrel in your inventory, and hand over the golden rare metal
  • Effect: Physical attacks will inflict damage of 900 + 140% of STR.
  • Note: You must complete the Za'rrel subquest and Za'rrel Shubeta in your inventory.

Staff of FiliaEdit

  • Acquired: Complete Filia's side-story
  • Effect: MAG +30%. Will protect you from 1 fatal attack.

Filia's Barren StaffEdit

  • Acquired: Post-Game; complete Filia's special dialogue event
  • Effect: MAG +30%. Curses the enemy, dealing damage on the enemy's turn. The curse will grow 10% stronger every turn.
  • Note: This is a separate weapon from Staff of Filia and can be acquired even if Filia's side story wasn't completed during the main story.


  • Acquired: Purchase from Merchant Mark in Shubeth Village
  • Price: 1000 Gold
  • Effect: STR +21

Ra Za'rrelEdit

  • Acquired: Purchase from Merchant Mark in Shubeth Village
  • Price: 7000 Gold
  • Effect: STR +36

Warrior SwordEdit

  • Acquired: Defeat Shubeth Soldiers in Chapters 2–3, or purchase from the merchant in the Village of Lehert
  • Price: 500 Gold
  • Effect: STR +12

Incomplete Khan Za'rrelEdit

  • Acquired: Purchase it from Za'rrel the Weaponmaker
  • Price: 12000 Gold
  • Note: If you purchase the Incomplete Khan Za'rrel, you cannot complete the Khan Za'rrel quest.

Flaming Maegrik BladeEdit

  • Acquired: Post-Game; Crafting Research lv. 7
  • Crafting materials: 1 Maegrik Blade, 1 Maegrik's Horn (acquired by defeating a Maegrik Dragon the first time in post-game if you have a Maegrik Blade in your inventory)
  • Description: Equip to get physical ATK 30% up and further increase physical ATKs by 6% each turn after that. It also burns and gives your enemy damage over time, and inflicts 40% additional damage if you use fire magic.

Eileen's Thorn StaffEdit

  • Acquired: Post-Game; defeat Eileen in Magic Push
  • Description: Staff with thorns which will grant greater power to its user in exchange for the pain it gives. Equip it before a battle and your status will increase greatly afterwards.
  • Note: Usually if you overkill an enemy, you will gain +1 to some stats; this staff boosts it to +30 to each boosted stat. The Staff's effect also stacks with the Silver Pendant accessory to gain +60 per battle.

Great Sword EsterasEdit

  • Acquired: Post-Game; complete the Mahnil Island and the Justice and Sofia events
  • Effect: The great sword that comes in a pair with Pinerame. Equip to get default ATK 20% up. Equip in a pair with Pinerame to get AGI 40% up and enable Double Croche.
  • Weapon Skill: Double Croche (only if the Pinerame outfit is equipped; spend 15% of HP in return for 16 sword strikes in a single turn)


Small Soul Stone ButtonEdit

  • Acquired: Automatically from start
  • Effect: Recovers 5 HP and 15 MP per turn.

Wind PendantEdit

  • Acquired: Chest in Raymond's Hideout (Chapter 1–)
  • Effect: +50 AGI

Hector's Battle SackEdit

  • Acquired: Automatically in Chapter 2 after visiting Hector
  • Effect: Use tools and also consumable items during battles without using up a turn.

Epaulet of CourageEdit

  • Acquired: Automatically in Chapter 2 after reviving Esther
  • Description: Take the first turn in battles, Magic Shield is a bit more effective.

Shezarian WoodpieceEdit

  • Acquired: Complete the "Shezarian Souls" optional event (Chapters 2–4)
  • Effect: Call a Shezarian's soul during battle and stun all enemies. (Up to 2 times per battle.)

Light Chain ArmorEdit

  • Acquired: Purchase from the merchant in Lehert (Chapters 2–)
  • Price: 1000 Gold
  • Description: +30% DEF (Default + 10), AGI -20%.

Mullet Scale CoatEdit

Flame PendantEdit

  • Acquired: Chest in the Temple of Morell (Chapter 4–)
  • Effect: Double the effectiveness of physical and magic ATK when your HP is below 30%.

Blessing of RevgatoEdit

  • Acquired: Complete the "The Last of Raymond" optional event (Chapter 4, Light/True Paths only)
  • Effect: Recovers 10% HP every turn.

Pendant of PatienceEdit

  • Acquired: Chest in the Temple of Marii (Chapter 4–, Light/True Paths only)
  • Effect: Damage reduction increases as HP decreases.

Silver PendantEdit

Ancient Lehert NecklaceEdit

  • Acquired: Visit the Root of the Spring of Morell (Chapter 4, Light Path only)
  • Effect: Recover 15% MP every turn.

Revgato's RingEdit

  • Acquired: Post-Game; complete Lize's event
  • Effect: Magic effects 40% up.