Witch Spring 3 combines the weapon system of Witch Spring 2 with the equipment slots of Witch Spring. Eirudy gets one weapon slot and one accessory slot, which she can freely swap out.

Stat Screen

A post-game stat screen

The stat screen displays Eirudy's current stats, training levels, equipped weapon and accessory, and her "tendencies"—how often she uses magical or physical attacks. Using more of one fighting type will skew the tendency towards that type, up until you hit an 18% bonus.

The stats displayed on the screen already take into account equipment and tendency bonuses. For example, in the image, Eirudy's STR stat is 2656 with the +1155 bonus, making her base STR 1501.

Even if you equip a weapon that does not buff your tendency style (for example, equipping Filia's Barren Staff while having an +18% Sword Tendency boost), the +18% STR will still take effect. However, you will not get any bonus Magic Tendency effect added to your MAG.

Mount-type dolls can also give boosts to AGI and/or DEF while being ridden on. However, their stats boosts currently do not match their described effects. See the Detailed Formula section below, or individual doll pages, for details.

Detailed Formula

Stat bonuses are calculated as follows:
Total Stat = ([Base Stat] * (1 + [Equip Bonus] + [Mount Doll Bonus])) * [1 + Tendency]

For example (STR):
500 (base STR) * 1.5 (50% boost) = 750 STR
750 * 1.18 (Sword Tendency) = 885 total STR

For example (DEF):
500 (base DEF) * 1.7 (60% boost from Mullet Scale Coat + 10% from lv7 Denver) + 70 (flat boost from Denver) + 3 (perma. flat boost) = 923 total DEF

For mounts:
AGI boosts from Boar Doll and Denver are not calculated properly in-game, though their DEF boosts are correct. They are calculated as such:
Total AGI = [Base Stat] * (1 + [Equip Bonus] + [Mount % Bonus]) - [Mount Flat Bonus - 1 Lv]

Main Story Weapons

Icon Name Obtain Effect Skill Notes
ItemSprite Dryad Staff.png Dryad Staff Default, Craft STR/MAG +5% -
ItemSprite Enhanced Dryad Wand.png Enhanced Dryad Wand Craft STR/MAG +10%, AGI +30% -
ItemSprite Red Dryad Wand.png Red Dryad Wand Craft MAG +20%, STR +15%, AGI +40%.
Fire DMG +30%.
Physical attacks inflict Burn.
ItemSprite Blue Dryad Wand.png Blue Dryad Wand Craft MAG +20%, STR +10%, AGI +40%.
Ice DMG +30%.
Physical attacks inflict Freeze.
ItemSprite Maegrik Blade.png Maegrik Blade Craft STR +[15% + (4% × Turns Passed)] - Need 300+ MAG to equip.
ItemSprite Armedak the Holy Sword.png Armedak the Holy Sword Main Story STR +18%, MAG +10% Ecarr Vertel Mutually exclusive with the other legendary weapons. Upgrades to True Armedak.
ItemSprite Old Staff of Revgato.png Old Staff of Revgato Main Story MAG +32%, STR -20%.
Deals AoE damage to 1-2 non-targeted enemies.
- Mutually exclusive with the other legendary weapons. Upgrades to Staff of Revgato.
ItemSprite Fine Blade Shubetha.png Fine Blade Shubetha Main Story STR +24% - Mutually exclusive with the other legendary weapons. Upgrades to Za'rrel Shubetha.
ItemSprite Staff of Revgato.png Staff of Revgato Main Story MAG +55%.
Restores HP up to amount of MP used.
ItemSprite Za'rrel Shubetha.png Za'rrel Shubetha Event STR +50% Deathblow
ItemSprite Captain's Sword.png Captain's Sword Event STR +50 -
ItemSprite Completed Khan Za'rrel.png Completed Khan Za'rrel Event STR +96 -
ItemSprite Staff of Filia.png Staff of Filia Event MAG +30%.
Protects you from 1 fatal blow.
ItemSprite Za'rrel.png Za'rrel Buy STR +21 - Costs 1000 Gold.
ItemSprite Ra Za'rrel.png Ra Za'rrel Buy STR +36 - Costs 7000 Gold.
ItemSprite Warrior Sword.png Warrior Sword Buy, Drop STR +12 - Costs 500 Gold.
ItemSprite Incomplete Khan Za'rrel.png Incomplete Khan Za'rrel Buy STR +62 - Costs 12,000 Gold.

Post-Game Weapons

Icon Name Obtain Effect Skill Notes
ItemSprite Eileen's Thorn Staff.png Eileen's Thorn Staff Complete "Magic Push" Increases bonus stats gained after battle from +1 to +30 - Stacks with Silver Pendant's effect.
ItemSprite Filia's Barren Staff.png Filia's Barren Staff Complete "A Free Filia" MAG +30%.
Deals additional damage on the enemy's turn. Damage dealt increases by 10% every turn.
ItemSprite Flaming Maegrik Blade.png Flaming Maegrik Blade Craft STR +[25 + (6 * Turns Passed)]%, Fire DMG +40%. Inflicts Burn on each hit. - Requires Maegrik Blade.
ItemSprite Golden Za'rrel.png Golden Za'rrel Give Golden Rare Metal to Za'rrel the Weaponmaker Physical damage equals 140% STR + 900 - Requires Completed Khan Za'rrel (verification needed).
ItemSprite Great Sword Esteras.png Great Sword Esteras Complete "Sofia's Whims" STR +20%
If Pinerame is equipped: Also gain +40% AGI, weapon skill Double Croche
Double Croche
ItemSprite True Armedak.png True Armedak Complete "Morell's Final Test" STR +25%, MAG +40% Ecarr Vertel Requires Armedak the Holy Sword.


Icon Name Obtain Effect Notes
ItemSprite Ancient Lehert Necklace.png Ancient Lehert Necklace Chest Recover 15% MP every turn. Light Route exclusive.
ItemSprite Blessing of Revgato.png Blessing of Revgato Complete "The Last of Raymond" Recover 10% HP every turn. Light/True Route exclusive.
ItemSprite Epaulet of Courage.png Epaulet of Courage Main Story Take the first turn in battles. Slightly increases Magic Shield effectiveness.
ItemSprite Flame Pendant.png Flame Pendant Chest Under 30% HP, physical and magic ATK is doubled. Light/True Route exclusive.
ItemSprite Hector's Battle Sack.png Hector's Battle Sack Main Story Using tools and consumable items during battle will not use up a turn.
ItemSprite Light Chain Armor.png Light Chain Armor Buy DEF +30% (Default +10), AGI -20% Costs 1000 Gold.
ItemSprite Mullet Scale Coat.png Mullet Scale Coat Complete "Strongest Armor in Lehert" DEF +60% (default +30)
ItemSprite Pendant of Patience.png Pendant of Patience Chest Damage reduction increases as HP decreases. Light/True Route exclusive.
ItemSprite Revgato's Ring.png Revgato's Ring Complete "Pure-Blood Eirudy" Magic effects 40% up. Light/True Route exclusive; post-game only.
ItemSprite Shezarian Woodpiece.png Shezarian Woodpiece Complete "Shezarian Souls" Stun all enemies. (Can be used twice per battle.)
ItemSprite Silver Pendant.png Silver Pendant Complete "The Missing Husband" Bonus stats doubled. Light/True Route exclusive.
ItemSprite Small Soul Stone Button.png Small Soul Stone Button Game start Recover 5 HP and 15 MP every turn.
ItemSprite Wind Pendant.png Wind Pendant Chest AGI +50


While Eirudy cannot freely change outfits during the main story, her main story outfits (White Battledress and the outfit for whichever route you chose) are immediately available at the start of post-game. Other outfits can be unlocked through post-game events.

For the most part, outfits are purely cosmetic, with the exception of Pinerame when equipped with Great Sword Esteras.

Icon Name Obtain Effect
ItemSprite Crow Dress.png Crow Dress Start of post-game (True Route exclusive). None
ItemSprite Lalafan.png Lalafan Complete "Adrian's Gifts". None
ItemSprite Little White Dress.png Little White Dress Complete "Pure-Blood Eirudy". None
ItemSprite Pinerame.png Pinerame Complete "Visiting Mahnil Island". Equip with ItemSprite Great Sword Esteras.pngGreat Sword Esteras to gain AGI +40% and the weapon skill Double Croche.
ItemSprite Temple Lord's Dress.png Temple Lord's Dress Start of post-game (Light Route exclusive). None
ItemSprite White Battledress.png White Battledress Start of post-game. None
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