Like the previous two games, Witch Spring 3 has various main story and optional events. Eirudy's Journal summarizes past story events, gives hints to proceed with the story, and tells you various sidequest and objectives that you can accomplish.

After clearing the game on the Light or True paths, the game will continue into the after story, which contains new events and equipment. (See Witch Spring 3/Post-Game for more details.)

Main Story

This guide will tell you how to get through the story. However, the events do not necessarily need to be followed immediately, so you are free to explore in between events.

There are three routes in the game: Light, Dark, and True. The split between Light and True/Dark separates in Chapter 3 ("The Bitter Betrayal" event), while the split between True and Dark occurs in Chapter 4 ("Grandmother's Worst Doll" event). See Witch Spring 3/Endings for details.

Side Events

Side events, variable events, and "hidden" events are listed in order of which chapter and main story event unlocks them. The Ending and Post-Game columns in the guides below denote whether the event affects the Final Illustration or post-game content.

Most side events can be completed at any point before Chapter 4: Tri-Caliber (Dark Path, True route) event - The Coup, but there are some exceptions which have been noted in their entries. The Dark Route does not have any new side events after Chapter 3.

Click on the event name to see its details.

Chapter 1

Main Story Name Reward Ending Post-Game
Underground Misty Cave Shezarian Souls Shezarian Woodpiece accessory
Base of the Shubethian Red Assassins 20,000 Gold (total)
Raymond's Ire Prerequisite for "The Last of Raymond"

Chapter 2

Main Story Name Reward Ending Post-Game
Meeting Adrian Strongest Armor in Lehert Mullet Scale Coat accessory
Thieves Harassing the Driver Weaponmaker in the Woods Khan Za'rrel weapon

Chapter 3

Main Story Name Reward Ending Post-Game
Village of Lehert Hector's Last Lesson Captain's Sword weapon
Lehert Mine Encounters with Brad 1 Rare Metal ×1, unlocks Part 2. Prerequisite for "Upgrading Shubetha" - -
2 Unlocks Part 3 - -
3 10,000 Gold
Upgrading Shubetha (Requires picking Fine Blade Shubetha)
Za'rrel Shubetha
The Red Ribbon Letter Fallen Fox Gain the Desert Fox Cub doll
The Spring of Marii Encounters with Filia 1 Nothing, unlocks Part 2 - -
2 Nothing, unlocks Part 3 - -
3 Nothing, unlocks Part 4 - -
4 Staff of Filia weapon

Chapter 4

Main Story Name Reward Ending Post-Game
The Temple of Morell The Missing Husband Silver Pendant accessory
A Skele-ton of Trouble* Ancient Lehert Necklace accessory
Dark Company Part 1 Unlocks Part 2 - -
Part 2 Gain Red Gem ×1
Accept the deal: Lose Red Gem ×1, gain 10,000 Gold, unlocks "Judith".
Reject it: Keep the Red Gem, unlocks "Getting Your Money's Worth".
(Must be completed before "Breaking into the Dark Company's Cave".)
- -
The Temple of Marii Trial of Patience Guaranteed: Ecarr Vertel (spell)
If you have Armedak: Also gain Ecarr Vertel (weapon skill for Armedak)
Inside the Spring of Revgato The Last of Raymond Blessing of Revgato accessory
Breaking into the Dark Company's Cave Dark Company Judith 30,000 Gold
Getting Your Money's Worth 30,000 Gold

* Light Route only


Main article: Witch Spring 3/Post-Game

Post-game (official term "after story") content is available after clearing the Light or True Paths. No post-game exists for the Dark Path.

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