Witch Spring 3 features Vendors that perform a role similar to Ralph's and the Dark Traders' from the first two games. Eirudy can buy from and sell to the vendors for gold. The Vendor will appear in all three Villages, while another merchant named Vendora appears in Dragontail, off to the side of the castle.

In Chapter 3, there is a side objective to trade with Vendora the Merchant; however, the merchant you actually trade with doesn't matter. You can buy from or sell to any of the available merchants (Shubeth Village is inaccessible) and it will still fill the objective.


Merchant MarkEdit

Merchant Mark can be visited in Chapter 2 before you head to Adrian's house. He is on the far west side of the map. After you finished the business in Adrian's house, you can visit him through Adrian's house's back door anytime as long as you can enter the back door.

As Eirudy will refuse to enter Shubeth Village in Chapter 3, you cannot visit Mark. However, it's not a big loss, as his wares weren't very good to begin with.

Name Cost Description
Za'rrel 1000 G Physical ATK +21
Ra Za'rrel 7000 G Physical ATK +36

Vendora the MerchantEdit

Before going up to the Lord's Mansion, you will see Vendora on the left-hand side of the map.

Name Cost Description
Agility Pill +7 Agility


The vendor in Lehert is to the upper left side of the map, before you enter the Mercenary area. He only sells two items. However, if you approach him when there is a Mullet Scale in your inventory, he will create the accessory Mullet Scale Coat.

Name Cost Description
Warrior Sword 500 G Physical ATK +12
Light Chain Armor 1000 G DEF 30% up, AGI 20% down


Vendora reappears in Ziv, carrying a similar selection to what he had in Shubeth.


Vendora in Dragontail sells items that originate from Vavelia, having a similar selection to what Ralph carries in Witch Spring 2.

Name Cost Effect
Kreytes Leaf 2000 G +6 MAG
Kreytes Root 2000 G +10 HP
Kreytes Juice 2000 G +20 MP