Witch Spring 4 is the fourth game in the Witch Spring series developed by Korean game developer Kiwi Walks, released December 19, 2019. It is available on the App Store, Google Play, and TapTap. The price is $4.99 USD.

The game is set on the Ürphea Continent, after the Witch Hunts of the previous three games have concluded. It follows up on a plot thread revealed in Witch Spring 3's post-game.[1]

The new protagonist is Moccamori (모카모리), the current queen of Ürphea. Having suppressed the Spring War on the continent and becoming queen, she now seeks to conquer the remaining two continents.

The game's post-game DLC released on April 29, 2020.[2]

Latest version: 2.6 (May 20, 2020)

Official Description


WitchSpring4 Final Teaser

This Little Queen, called a Witch, rules over the Ürphean continent.
She trains hard to conquer all the continents.
She orders her minions to collect magic ingredients,
or goes on explorations by herself.
The items she crafts enhance her powers.
The Warriors retaliate harder, as Moccamori becomes more powerful...
To face numerous dangers that despise her...
Will Moccamori realize her dream?

The Tale of Moccamori the Little Queen

Features and Changes

  • Free exploration and many sidequests, like all Witch Spring games.
  • Renovated combat style:
    • Instead of gaining consecutive attacks like Luna and Eirudy did, Moccamori learns completely new attacks.
    • Augment attacks with magic to overcome the limitations of physical attacks (similar to Eirudy's Magic Swordsmanship).
    • Moccamori will use "magical mediums" rather than "magical spells", imbuing elemental magic into different forms such as bows, spears, and swords.
    • Moccamori's magical awakening will trigger in a moment of crisis, similar to Eirudy's Soul Stone.
  • Minions will replace the Doll and Pet systems of the previous games. They can be recruited through the main story or from side events.
    • Minions can wield Moccamori's inherited weapons (besides the Talon, which is her weapon of choice); it's not as powerful as if she wielded them herself, but it will be a great help in battle.
  • Enemies will have more diverse attack patterns.
  • Moccamori can change outfits in the main story.



1. How can I check what skills and minion abilities do during battle?
Long-press on the skill and then swipe up to see an ability's description.

2. How does quick hunt work?
If an opponent's HP is lower than Moccamori's in-combat MAG or STR, she can instantly hunt it down and obtain materials without entering battle. Close-range enemies require STR, while mid-range and ranged enemies require MAG.

For more information, see Combat Guide > Quick Hunt Mode.

3. I'm having trouble getting the game to work on my phone.
Make sure you have the latest version of the game installed. If you're still having problems, there seems to be issues with the way the game interacts with Google Play (not sure if this problem also occurs on iOS devices). Use an app like DO Multiple Accounts or Parallel Space to bypass this issue, or do the following:

  1. Uninstall the game (backup your saves to the Cloud, you're going to loose your local saves)
  2. Go to your device Settings > Account > find the account used to purchase the game
  3. Delete/remove the account
  4. Restart the device and go back to Settings
  5. Add the account back to the phone
  6. Check the option to restore the game
  7. Once everything is restored, the game should run properly. Restore your saves from the Cloud to continue where you left off.

Version Changelog

Version 2.6

  • Fixed issues with the main story final battle
  • Fixed teleportation list duplication
  • Fixed some typos (Korean-only?)

Version 2.5

  • Fixed autosave problems
  • Fixed errors with sleeping as Moccabird
  • Fixed issue where Deep Meditation wouldn't double MAG properly
  • Fixed other miscellaneous issues

Version 2.4

  • Fixed illust issue while dispatching
  • Fixed issues with teleportation circles and certain areas after DLC
  • After recruiting Boule, she can be found on Pruto Mountaintop
  • Fixed issues with main story final boss
  • Added chibi Mocca tips after finishing the (main story) ending
  • Other misc. bug fixes
    • Nova's Meteor needing you to tap on an enemy has been fixed

Version 2.3

  • Fixing issues with dispatch (item display + illustration)
  • Fixing issue where Lunata Chief overlaps with Limura (???)
  • Changing how you reach the Ancient Land (remove boats + add teleport circles)
  • Correcting issue where players would only see a black screen, or get super slow loading times, upon moving to the Royal Chamber
  • Fixing issue where upgraded mediums' abilities were not calculated properly
  • Fixing issue with dispatch completing during DLC final battle cutscenes

Version 2.2

  • Fixed issue with the Ancient Land
  • Fixed issue on Google Play where characters would move extremely fast

Version 2.1: Post-Game Update (Original Korean announcement)

  • Post-Game Story
    • Post-game is unlocked after clearing the main story, with new events for various characters.
    • The scenarios "Origin of the Deities" and "Shadow World" will be added.
  • New Outfits
    • 3 new mantles added; the one you get is based on your ending.
    • 4 new costumes added (3 are post-game exclusive, 1 can be obtained during main story).
  • Artwork
    • New illustrations and CGs related to character stories and story scenarios will be added.
  • New post-game bosses
  • Minions
    • Ethan and Uris' appearances will change after the Ending and their abilities will be upgraded (again).
    • 4 new minions in post-game.
  • Spells
    • Summons (Terrenord, Sierra, Fuego, Exceedrox) will have upgrades, and a new summon spell has been added.
    • Upgrades to the Temple Lords' spell mediums implemented.
  • Weapon Recipes
    • 2 Talons have been added.
  • Items
    • The Orb of Miracles, which can completely defend against an attack, can be purchased from Varnado Garden.
  • QoL Updates (not post-game exclusive)
    • After the tutorial, the Soul Stone will be automatically upgraded once you gain enough soul power. Furthermore, upgrading the Soul Stone will fully heal Mocca's HP/MP.
    • Language settings added.
    • BGM player implemented on the title screen.
    • You can now speed up the crafting animation.
    • Sleeping now has a special close-up animation.

Version 1.8 (Original Korean changelog)

  • UI changes:
    • Images and font size increased by 20%. (Some windows and menus have been updated to compensate.)
    • Moccamori's tips now appear above the menu (bottom right corner) instead of the bottom left.
    • Auto-save slot on the Read Diary (Load Save) screen is distinct from regular save slots.
    • Certain animations like crafting and training can now be sped up 2x.
  • Balance changes:
    • Implementation of stat caps for percentage-based statboosters. (Horns, Awakening Flute, Mask Fragment, White Fox Orb, Fox Tail.)
    • Certain skills have their damage increased by 1.5~2x.
    • The difficulty of certain story battles have been lowered.

Version 1.6.5

  • Added Traditional Chinese language option. (Requires changing device language?)
  • Re-fixed Exceed Heart and Frozen Heart consumable bug.

Version 1.6 (Original Korean changelog)

  • Fixed a music-related bug introduced in v1.5.
  • Fixed an issue with the Awakening Flute.
  • Replaced 1 ending illustration. (Adjusted a character's position in "The Dinner" illustration.)
  • Fixed issues with cutscenes where sound effect settings weren't applied properly.
  • Corrected the expected stat up window during training.

Version 1.5 (Original Korean changelog)

  • Added a low-spec option for devices that had issues with freezing and stalling. (Confirmed to work: iPhone 5, Galaxy S4; recommended devices are iOS 6 or Galaxy S5 and above.)
    • Low-spec settings will be automatically applied on devices that require it. There is no in-game setting to adjust specs.
  • Adjusted items obtained via quick hunt mode and other dispatch-related issues.
  • Balance changes:
    • Increased Nuuk Collaboration damage.
    • Increased base damage dealt by the Talon Attack Lv5 ability.
    • Final battle: Lowered the final boss's healing amount and adjusted final battle allies' abilities.
  • Graphics: Adjusted Mocca's hair animation.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Bug where the game would freeze after a minion dispatch completed.
    • Fixed an Ethan-related bug

Version 1.4

  • Added intentional behavior: After completing the main story, the save file created at the end of the game cannot be loaded until the 2020 post-game DLC release. This has been implemented to prevent issues that may occur when the DLC is released.

Known Bugs and Issues

Version 2.5

  • Locations on the teleportation list would be duplicated. (Fixed in version 2.6)

Version 2.2

  • On some devices, loading time for the Royal Chamber will be extremely slow. (Fixed in version 2.3)
  • Teleporting to the Ancient Land Isles takes you to a blank map. (Fixed in version 2.3)

Version 2.1

  • If game speed is inexplicably extremely fast (movement, dialogue, etc.), go to the Training floor and do some exercises. Moccamori will work off her pent off energy The animation speed will return to normal. (Fixed in version 2.2)
  • Cannot travel to the Ancient Land by boat. (Fixed in 2.2)

Version 1.6

  • The upper right corner says "ver. 1.5", which is incorrect.
  • A bug may occur during the final battle, where an ally's turn is skipped and moves on to the next ally, but still displays the first ally's combat UI. This causes the battle to be unprocessable and you will have to close the app and redo the final battle.
  • Frozen Heart and Exceed Heart are no longer consumable again. (Was originally fixed in version 1.2, but became un-fixed.) (Re-fixed in version 1.6.5)

Version 1.5

  • Sharp decrease in sound quality on certain devices. (Fixed in version 1.6)

Version 1.2

  • Cutscenes with special illustrations will freeze the game. (Fixed in version 1.3)

Version 1.1

  • If you have 4 or more minions dispatched, the far-left minion's icon on the world map will be a white square. (Fixed in version 1.2)
  • Certain statboosters (Frozen Heart, Exceed Heart) cannot be consumed. (Fixed in version 1.2)


Moccamori and Allies

  • Moccamori - The "Little Queen" and main character of WS4
  • Cecilia - A clever deity who serves as Moccamori's right-hand
  • Ethan - A former Palace Warrior who decides to join Moccamori's cause out of convenience
  • Libro - Moccamori's butler who has been by her side for ten years
  • Shukrina - The ruler of Rubid Village who has joined Moccamori's cause to enact revenge on the Pope
  • Varon - A deity who hopes that Agamo will save his village

Moccamori's Enemies

  • Ida - Moccamori's biggest obstacle and an elder deity whose power equaled Agamo's in their prime
  • Justice - The most powerful warrior on Vavelia after Crown
  • Mariena - A deity who watches over Kabanes Village
  • Uris - The leader of Kabanes Village
  • Yvette - A half-blooded deity and Warrior who opposes Moccamori


  • Laura - An elder deity whose allegiances are a mystery
  • Noa - A girl who protects one of Ürphea's Springs


Settings Book and Official Soundtrack

In December 2020, an official Settings Book and Soundtrack will be released. The artbook will contain official art, concept art, and fan art.[3]


In December 2020, Witch Spring will collaborate with the Korean collab cafe Mofun. Mofun will also be the exclusive retailer for the artbook and official soundtrack, selling them both online and offline.[3]


A teaser image featuring two or three new characters was revealed on the Witch Spring official Naver community early August 2018 before being replaced shortly afterwards. The Games page on Kiwi Walks' website was also updated to feature a placeholder image listing Witch Spring 4 with a 2019 release date.

On August 31, 2018, the new protagonist Moccamori's concept art was revealed, illustrated by series developer Suyoung Jang.[1] On Naver, he stated "her outfit should give you an idea of what her weapon will be."

October 2018 website banner

On October 6, the Japanese iOS App Store featured the Witch Spring series and released two teaser images of Moccamori, one with the full art featured in the teaser banners, and one of her in-game appearance. It also briefly mentioned that Moccamori is the queen of Ürphea who is gathering certain materials in order to resurrect her father and control the world.[4] Later that month, the main page on Kiwi Walks' website was updated to feature her art, and the game page was updated to add chibi art of her.

In Jang's New Years post on January 1, 2019, he announced a new promotional video for Witch Spring 4 would release the following week.[5] The video was posted on January 12th.

On February 1, 2019, a recruitment call for character illustrators was added to the company's official website. A little over a month later, the banner was taken down. On March 24, 2019, a recruitment call for a 3D artist was posted.

Twitter promo image, April 2019

New promotional art featuring Moccamori riding atop a dragon, illustrated by a yet-unknown artist, was unveiled on April 30, 2019. The official Korean twitter account also mentioned that more progress updates would be revealed in the coming month.[6] Kiwi Walks' home page was updated with a variation of the promotional art which included a background.

Official social media icon (May 8, 2019–)

On May 8, the icon changed from a cropped version of April's promotional art to a new chibi of Moccamori. The icon change was announced with a message from Moccamori stating, "Hmph. I don't want to do it. ...Can I make my subordinate do it for me instead?"[7]

A teaser video showcasing some of Moccamori's training animations was posted to twitter, Naver, and Weibo on June 19. On June 30, announcements were made that new trailers and illustrations would be revealed in week of July.

Naver banner (July 12, 2019)

The first update was a new Naver banner featuring Moccamori and Libro on July 12. Later that day, a new trailer was posted, featuring brand-new illustrations, better looks at the world, combat, and training, and introducing some more characters.[8] A few hours afterwards, the full illustration used on the Naver banner was posted on twitter.

August 21 announcement

In Suyoung's August 21 blog post, he stated WS4 was 80% complete and development was going as scheduled. An additional image was posted to announce the introduction to the game's battle system, which was added on September 6.

The Naver-exclusive blog post detailed new features and changes to be made with the combat and magic systems. (See the translation here.) Moccamori's magical awakening transformation video was also posted to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo, although the second video in the blog (attacking in awakened form) remains Naver-exclusive.

Mocca art style change.png

Another blog update was posted on October 4th, unveiling a new illustration aesthetic for the game. (See the translation here.) Among notable changes to Moccamori's design were the change in the design on her skirt, making the skirt have wider pleats, and removing the cords along her left shoulder. On October 31, Suyoung released a statement on all social media stating that new information on the game would be coming soon.

The final trailer and release date were revealed on November 10th, setting the official release date for December 19, 2019. Preregistration for the English version of the game began on November 14, two days before scheduled. The Games page on Kiwi Walks' website also replaced the placeholder image from August 2018 with the app icon.

On December 9, the game's main visual was released on all of Kiwi Walks' social media.

An early demo build of the game was preemptively released on the App Store on December 19 at 12:00 AM (KST), but lacked an option to change game languages. It was quickly clarified on twitter that the release was a mistake, and players who installed the early build were asked to uninstall it.[9]

On April 17, 2020, an official announcement regarding post-game content was released on all social media. (See the Version Changelog section.)



First Trailer


WitchSpring4 1st Teaser

Second Trailer


WitchSpring4 second Teaser

Magical Awakening Trailer


WitchSpring4 Moccamori

Final Trailer


WitchSpring4 Final Teaser

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