Combat in Witch Spring 4 has changed somewhat from its previous iterations, providing greater combat options and depth.[1][2]

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About Combat

The inherited equipment, from top to bottom: Agamo's Shield, Agamo's Spear, Agamo's Eye, Agamo's Sword, and Agamo's Talons

  • Moccamori possesses five inherited equipment from her father. Her weapon of choice is the Talons, while the remaining four are used by her Minions. (Cecilia: Agamo's Eye, Shukrina: Agamo's Spear, Ethan: Agamo's Sword, and Varon: Agamo's Shield)
  • Moccamori's attacks are similar to Eirudy's; she has physical Talon Attacks and Magic Talons that are a hybrid of physical and magical attacks. Naturally, she also has spells available.
  • Agamo's Soul Stone grants Moccamori a percentage boost to her stats in battle. The boost is increased by raising its level, which requires feeding it magic power obtained by defeating enemies. (See the Soul Stone page for details.)

Magical Awakening

As Moccamori takes damage, her Magical Awakening gauge will fill up.

At 50%, Nuuk Collaboration will be added to her list of Talon Attacks. By using it, she partially restores her HP and MP and inflicts both physical and lightning magic damage on the opponent.

At 100%, Magical Awakening can be used by clicking the glowing talon on the far right side of the screen. It refills 50% max HP/MP and allows her to use all five of Agamo's equipment. She can choose between the Eye, Spear, or Sword to attack, while Agamo's Shield greatly boosts her defense. Magical Awakening mode will end after 1-2 turns. (If Shukrina, Varon, Ethan, or Cecilia are summoned into battle, they will skip their turn while Mocca is in Magical Awakening mode due to a lack of a weapon.)

By using a Potential Boost Potion, Moccamori can instantly fill her Magical Awakening gauge.


Main article: Witch Spring 4/Enemies

In combat, enemies have different ranges, unofficially called close-range, mid-range, and ranged (far-range).

  • Close-range: Can be attacked with any technique and by any minion.
  • Mid-range: Can be attacked with certain Talon Attacks, such as Earth Smash, and any spell. Most minions can also reach mid-range enemies. These enemies typically have some kind of footing for Moccamori and minions to jump off of if they use a physical attack.
  • Ranged: Can only be targeted by ranged Talon Attacks, spells, and minions with ranged abilities. These enemies have no foothold to jump off (like standing over a lake or lava).

Speed Reduction

Main article: Combat Guide - Speed Reduction

Using certain Talon Attacks, Magic Talon abilities, and/or Spells will reduce Moccamori's turn gauge speed. Speed reductions can be stacked, as follows: [Sum of all reductions] + 1%

In-game, speed reduction totals are listed on the right-hand battle log.

The battle log erroneously says "Speed to next turn decreased by X%", when it should really read "Speed to next turn decreased to X%". (For example, using Sphere Bomb reduces your speed to 90%, which makes it reduced by 10%. The battle log, however, will say that your speed has been reduced by 90%.)

Quick Hunt Mode

If Moccamori's in-combat MAG or STR is higher than her opponent's HP after factoring its DEF or MDEF, she can instantly hunt it down and obtain materials without entering battle. Close-range enemies require STR, while mid-ranged and ranged enemies require MAG.

Quick hunt has a few limitations:

  1. Enemy groups, event enemies, and special enemies cannot be quick hunted
  2. Enemies defeated via quick hunt will not progress dispatch timers or raise Training Efficiency

Quick hunt mode is automatically enabled for first-time players, but can be disabled or re-enabled in Settings.

Detailed Formula

The formula for quick hunt is as follows:

(Mocca's base stat * Soul Stone boost %) * (1 - Enemy stat resistance) > Enemy HP

For example, Swamp Jelly, a close-range enemy, has 3230 HP and 99% DEF. Picking an arbitrary 1000% Soul Stone boost (x10 multiplier) as an example, we can calculate how much base STR Mocca would need to quick hunt a Jelly:

(x * 10) * (1 - 0.99) > 3230

10x * .01 > 3230

10x > 323,000

x > 32,300

With a 1000% Soul Stone boost, Mocca needs over 32,300 base STR in order to quick hunt a Swamp Jelly.

Talon Attacks

Left to right: Flash Attack, Channel, Speed Dive, Serial Atack, Earth Smash, Stab

Unlike the previous games where the number of attacks landed were raised by training, Moccamori learns entirely new attack types as she grows stronger.

New Talon Attacks are unlocked through Fight training.

Fight Level Name Effect
1 Stab Single-target attack for 320% damage. Recovers up to 7% of Moccamori's max HP.
Earth Smash AoE attack for 250% STR. Can be used up to mid-range enemies.
2 Speed Dive Ranged attack. Damage is proportional to STR + MAG. Consumes 5% MP.
3 Serial Attack 5-hit strike. First 4 hits are single-target, last attack is AoE.
4 Channel Gather energy for 2 turns, then gain a 320% boost to STR. The effect will diminish as turns pass.
5 Flash Attack 16-hit, ranged AoE attack. Will continue to hit a single target until it is dead. Damage is proportional to STR + MAG.

Magic Talons

From left to right: Magic Power Shot, Unleash Energy, Upgrade Speed, Lightning Shield,

Magic Talons help Moccamori compensate for the limitations of regular Talon Attacks. All Magic Talon abilities (besides Magic Power Shot) can be stacked in a single turn, at the cost of your next-turn speed (if the battle lasts that long, of course).

The following Magic Talon skills are unlocked through Magic training.

Magic Level Name Effect
1 Sphere Bomb Adds 250% MAG damage to your next Talon Attack. Against large enemies, also deals bonus damage.
2 Magic Power Shot Ranged attack that deals 250% MAG.
3 Talon Upgrade Provides 120% to STR and converts physical damage into Lightning damage.
4 Lightning Shield Reduces damage taken by 10% and reflects 200% damage taken onto the attacker.
5 Upgrade Speed Boost AGI by 400% in exchange for [40% max MP + 3000 MP]. The boost will fade over time.

Unleash Energy, while treated as a Magic Talon skill, is learned through Level 5 Magic Power Release training.

MPR Level Name Effect
5 Unleash Energy Spend 20% HP and 30% MP to deal AoE damage equal to 150% Max HP + 200% Max MP + MAG


Main article: Witch Spring 4/Spells
WS4 battle system 06-magic.png

In previous games, a spell's form was fixed and learned or crafted through spellbooks or training levels. Moccamori can instead create a spell's form using a medium such as a bow, spear, or sword, then imbue it with elemental magic.

The three elements are Fire, Ice, or Lightning. As with the previous two games, magic has additional properties: Fire will inflict a damage-over-time Burn debuff, Ice will slow enemies down, and Lightning lowers their defense to lightning damage. Moccamori's element of choice is Lightning.


Main article: Witch Spring 4/Minions
WS4 battle system 07-subordinates.png

Moccamori can acquire powerful minions to aid her in battle, much like pets and dolls in the previous games. More can be acquired by progressing through the main story, or directly through exploration.

Minions can each wield one of her inherited weapons, with the exception of the claws. Though the weapons' abilities are lower than if Moccamori used them herself, having her subordinates wield them will be a great help in battle.

A minion currently dispatched to gather materials cannot be summoned to aid her in battle.


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